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I know that you were not targeting your post to me, but I just want to comment on your opinion.

I never said the show is getting old. I want to be able to go out in the public and not have people stare at me while having a little pokemon key-chain. I have a squirtle hanging off my M16 out here in Iraq! I was told to remove it because it didn't reflect professionalism.

Anyway, I still have it as a keychain. My platoon makes fun of me for liking pokemon, but I don't talk about it or say much about like the other guys who play World Of Warcraft. They talk about grinding, getting gold, going through some swamp, casting magic, and some other thing I don't understand at all...
but when I say "Get a life! The sun actually exists." they retort with:
"Why should I listen to you? You play Pokemon."
That makes me angry because they play to, but I don't deny the fact that I do play pokemon.

So, they're ripping on you for wanting to show them your pokemanz, yet they're at they're computers fapping to that HAWT NIGHT ELF
(obvious stereotype is obvious, lol)