I'm not going to post on this forum anymore, me, Silver and Homeworld tried to help you become friendly and none of you listened, so I'm just going to stop posting altogether

You were jealous of my forum, you couldn't TAKE the fact that it was more active than PD, and some of you even criticized it for being inactive for 6 hours, In case you didn't notice, PD is inactive for more than 12 hours, so get your facts straight, thats like bullying someone for being too small when your even smaller, get your facts straight!

All we were trying to do was help you, we weren't even trying to fight with you, and I was only trying to reason with you, but you were all too mean to listen

You obviously don't understand the situation at all

More than one of Lakepower members were flamed here in the past

You all need to grow up instead of flaming others who don't deserve it, you seem to kick younger people out of your forum (by the way I'm 16, not 13 but I was 13 when I first joined here and got flamed) This is a freaken Pokemon forum!! why only allow adults?

And you can stop getting your members to come to my forum and do implied flaming (I don't mind the good members though) every member who came from your forum seemed to be very nasty, I have banned them all

Now, any last words? I'll reply to anything you post in this thread before I go

ADD ON: Also, if you think that the Internet is nothing, why do you even go on forums? Whats the point if you don't care about your friends on them?