somethincool312 (11:47:56 AM): i think it would suck to be bisexual

kk1730 (11:46:01 AM): por que?

somethincool312 (11:48:09 AM): could you imagine being attracted to almost anyone you meet?

kk1730 (11:46:09 AM): hahah

somethincool312 (11:48:22 AM): not to mention all the phone numbers you'd accumulate

kk1730 (11:46:37 AM): i assume it would be cool to be able to look at anyone and be like "damn thats hot" but i suppose the libido would get annoying after a while
kk1730 (11:46:44 AM): your life would consist of.... cold showers

somethincool312 (11:49:17 AM): i don't believe in cold showers
somethincool312 (11:49:22 AM): constant masturbation is fine enough

kk1730 (11:47:27 AM): i suppose that works too
kk1730 (11:47:32 AM): but you wouldnt get much done

somethincool312 (11:49:53 AM): yea if it got so bad you couldn't leave your house that would suck
somethincool312 (11:50:16 AM): you could squeeze the door handle and pass out

kk1730 (11:48:10 AM): lewis black--- you would squeeze the door knob and pass out
kk1730 (11:48:13 AM): oh damnnnnnn
kk1730 (11:48:15 AM): hahah

somethincool312 (11:50:24 AM): there you go
somethincool312 (11:50:35 AM): that was fantastic

kk1730 (11:48:32 AM): indeed

2 people went for the same Lewis Black joke at the same time. Don't let the weird clock fool you, for some reason my computer clock is faster than most people's.