spam no spam. So think is actually the complete opposite of "spamlessness", you illiterate fuck. Move this to the RPG section. It's barely that. It's really just postcount++, which would technically be spam, but still annoying wherever it is. Zooma! XD! This is funny! Its hilarious DF. This is fun! I am about to crap my pants... This is totally not what the poster intended, either. Yeah pichuBRO ~Wha? O_o jo it's dangerous to go alone! only on fridays //not even then! PARTY! Zetta awesome. Man putting in those 2 smilies everytime it pissing me off. Copy and paste?I tried the quote method. Cool, though I click the "edit post" button so I don't need to worry about getting rid of the code. easy for mods then!Wow this is getting so funny and random! So hilarious. Pretty coolio, huh kirby? Totally coolio :nigga: STOP FORGETING PICHUBRO"S SMILIES! NEVAR! Seriously stop all this nonsense its getting mad!!But its very fun :p stop adding on to my sentences.Why dont you stop adding onto mine then? I am not very happy so stop all of this pathetic /chainbreak talk of spam and other (not counting last post) Oh yeah this is huge. This is the best spam there is now. Not reallly. It never gets old huh?@Kirby: You would know Mr. King-o-Spam. Most spams don't make sense to me like the one that was supposed to come out of this, instead we did a better thing. some more randomness.OMG this has got so gunny!! to the point that I want to shoot you that's awesome. hells yeah *this thread is a ballroom blitz! That's why we love it. Indeed.Lets see how big this gets. I know how to make it bigger, the question is do you want it bigger? This will be followed by a "are you sure?" oh no you didn't :fingerwave: Oh,but he did! oh NO! But no one cares,apart from you. DF is a crocadile! Are you sure he isn't an alligator? Yes its just has to be! Now that's something you don't hear anywhere else! Good, because you don't see someone copying a block of text and adding on to it anywhere else either. How.... different we are.