spam no spam. So think is actually the complete opposite of "spamlessness", you illiterate fuck. Move this to the RPG section. It's barely that. It's really just postcount++, which would technically be spam, but still annoying wherever it is. Zooma! XD! This is funny! Its hilarious DF. This is fun! I am about to crap my pants... This is totally not what the poster intended, either. Yeah pichuBRO ~Wha? O_o jo it's dangerous to go alone! only on fridays //not even then! PARTY! Zetta awesome. Man putting in those 2 smilies everytime it pissing me off. Copy and paste?I tried the quote method. Cool, though I click the "edit post" button so I don't need to worry about getting rid of the code. easy for mods then!Wow this is getting so funny and random! So hilarious. Pretty coolio, huh kirby? Totally coolio :nigga: STOP FORGETING PICHUBRO"S SMILIES! NEVAR! Seriously stop all this nonsense its getting mad!!But its very fun :p stop adding on to my sentences.Why dont you stop adding onto mine then? I am not very happy so stop all of this pathetic /chainbreak talk of spam and other (not counting last post) Oh yeah this is huge. This is the best spam there is now. Not reallly. It never gets old huh?@Kirby: You would know Mr. King-o-Spam. Most spams don't make sense to me like the one that was supposed to come out of this, instead we did a better thing. some more randomness.OMG this has got so gunny!! to the point that I want to shoot you that's awesome. hells yeah *this thread is a ballroom blitz! That's why we love it. Indeed.Lets see how big this gets. I know how to make it bigger, the question is do you want it bigger? This will be followed by a "are you sure?" oh no you didn't :fingerwave: Oh,but he did! oh NO! But no one cares,apart from you. DF is a crocadile! Are you sure he isn't an alligator? Yes its just has to be! Now that's something you don't hear anywhere else! Good, because you don't see someone copying a block of text and adding on to it anywhere else either. How.... different we are. dushasa All right! :@: What's that supposed to be? you know Umm... I actually don't, so, if you wanna specify, please do. Tell us,Kirbx. Woah! Woah! Woah! Now I have joined this thing! Better late than never. Leo has joined the rebel alliance. We still don't know what :@: is. It the specail secrete smilie that you know what it means. So then you must tell me what :&: is if you know what :@: is. Er, I wish I had a pet momonga... my mon had one why she was a kid I want a kitten! Hey Trixie, do you RP? A little- I don't have a lot of free time for extended frequent posts so that limits me. I like to though Maybe you should chip in in the New RP thread. Sounds like fun! When you highlight the smilies, they look angry at me. Thats becuase you forget them I'm gonna get one hundred! You have a problem