spam no spam. So think is actually the complete opposite of "spamlessness", you illiterate fuck. Move this to the RPG section. It's barely that. It's really just postcount++, which would technically be spam, but still annoying wherever it is. Zooma! XD! This is funny! Its hilarious DF. This is fun! I am about to crap my pants... This is totally not what the poster intended, either. Yeah pichuBRO ~Wha? O_o jo it's dangerous to go alone! only on fridays //not even then! PARTY! Zetta awesome. Man putting in those 2 smilies everytime it pissing me off. Copy and paste?I tried the quote method. Cool, though I click the "edit post" button so I don't need to worry about getting rid of the code. easy for mods then!Wow this is getting so funny and random! So hilarious. Pretty coolio, huh kirby? Totally coolio :nigga: STOP FORGETING PICHUBRO"S SMILIES! NEVAR! Seriously stop all this nonsense its getting mad!!But its very fun :p stop adding on to my sentences.Why dont you stop adding onto mine then? I am not very happy so stop all of this pathetic /chainbreak talk of spam and other (not counting last post) Oh yeah this is huge. This is the best spam there is now. Not reallly. It never gets old huh?@Kirby: You would know Mr. King-o-Spam. Most spams don't make sense to me like the one that was supposed to come out of this, instead we did a better thing. some more randomness.OMG this has got so gunny!! to the point that I want to shoot you that's awesome. hells yeah *this thread is a ballroom blitz! That's why we love it. Indeed.Lets see how big this gets. I know how to make it bigger, the question is do you want it bigger? This will be followed by a "are you sure?" oh no you didn't :fingerwave: Oh,but he did! oh NO! But no one cares,apart from you. DF is a crocadile! Are you sure he isn't an alligator? Yes its just has to be! Now that's something you don't hear anywhere else! Good, because you don't see someone copying a block of text and adding on to it anywhere else either. How.... different we are. dushasa All right! :@: What's that supposed to be? you know Umm... I actually don't, so, if you wanna specify, please do. Tell us,Kirbx. Woah! Woah! Woah! Now I have joined this thing! Better late than never. Leo has joined the rebel alliance. We still don't know what :@: is. It the specail secrete smilie that you know what it means. So then you must tell me what :&: is if you know what :@: is. Er, I wish I had a pet momonga... my mon had one why she was a kid I want a kitten! Hey Trixie, do you RP? A little- I don't have a lot of free time for extended frequent posts so that limits me. I like to though Maybe you should chip in in the New RP thread. Sounds like fun! When you highlight the smilies, they look angry at me. Thats becuase you forget them I'm gonna get one hundred! You have a problem *Christmas carols are heard* Jingle Bells Jingle Bells... :@: there's that smiley again. Geez, bringing back the trash? Why? That was a whole seven lines ago. Lol, might be eight now that I've added text.You added four sentences! New York vs Chicago pizza!!! Who will win...? THEREAREONLY150POKEMON will Talk about random! no he will decide who will win. Oh,that's a name? greatest PD name ever. Oh wow. Whichever one is Sicilian will win. Sicilian is closest to Chicago but remember that the REAL Chicago pizza is a litteral pizza pie its that deap. NEW YORK PIZZA! THIN CRUST RULES! This deserves its own thread.Put it in the serious buisness subforum. Spam. Ahh, that's not long enough... Alright, I fixed it, we can continue. Ok all fixed *cough* DF Espeon and Jason *cough* You forgot the smileys in your posts,Jason! Smilie hating bastard. Smilies are your friends,Jason. Yes jason smilies are your friends You know what I don't get, why is a frown a smiley? cuz. He said it. Someone fix this for me, when posting on dsi it doesn`t let you quote. But on the dsi, the text is about 3 times as high. How about not posting on your DSi. I'm fairly sure he didn't ask the question just to receive an obvious answer. Oh well.I don't even get it what you all said. DB,you forgot the smilies again!Wait...:nigga:the second one make up for the post before. I always liked that second one- looks like it appreciates black humour.Black humour as in...Oh,I meant dark humour- as in,idk more fatalistic jokes. *pointing to the red highlight* This is probably the most successful threadjack since, the best threadjack is an RP called Post anything or whatever ed and DB work on you skills hear. That depends on what kind of skills they have.I am not hijacking this thread. For one thing it's alive. No one said you were.That's what Kirbx wanted me to try and do. Since when does what he says bother you?That's a damn good point. no Ed you need to work on your spamlessness which you seem to have already done More people, join us in the way of spamlessness, or so the original creator tried to start which ended up, as usual, with Kirby, doing something completely random, but for once it expanded the thread, not killing it. Wow, I shifted completely off the topic I was trying to present, good thing this is spam. Its randomness time! Since it wasn't already... Its a recurring holiday I don't play the random game, usually. Its the time of the year to turn over a new leaf I expect you to know that as much as I do. Whats?The post has gotten this long! Happy new year everyone! That's pretty much random for me -.- So no more randomness?NO WAY! Hail Random-ers. What would SPAM be without it,indeed?!As you wish!! Which wish?I put the smileys back.that wish! I don't know what you're talking about.pretty talkative arent you, trixie? Stupid copy paste. I can't get the smilies Use the quote method,DB. GW: Sometimes. Yay, it worked! Btw, long time no post GW. Filler spam. I love the SPAM forum. Who is globalWarming btw? We were schoolmates back at Junior High and he's one of my first friend there. Other than that he's one of my pair (I really love this smilies) No new paragraph. No, paragraph would make it looks NOT boring. SUPER POWA!!!! I liked the new paragraph! NOOOO PARAGRAPH!!! AAAARGH Ha ha ha Nipa~! Pink Words Oh no, how will you ever cope? Nipa~! I have to eat peas! Peas? Yes I prefer broccoli. PEAS Broccoli is nicer. BUG ATTACK!! *Samus uses Wave Beam to kill all the bugs*Why you writing in the color Phazon Suit. Thats what she said Well it is her suit. "[color=#666666]" Ed whats up with that? With what? "[color=#666666]" What about it?Woah, a whole 2 pages!?! I was only gone a whole day, wow. This is a colaberation of a whole bunch of members of PD if only God whould post in it then it would be great Collaboration... it's probably going to turn into a great work of art. I am thinking we should stop around 500. /Ninetails has joined the server. Isn't there any form of paragraphing in this crazy place? HOLY SHIT NINETAILS No I personally crushed it. And then I put it back. Ed. Oh no you didn't. Art thou sure? Ed I pulled this thread together in its darkest hours and I will not give up know. And your format plainly just sucks although I would not mind if you broke it up into 3 or 4 paragraphs. Well excuse me for trying to help someone read the bloody thing, you inconsiderate bastard. You are excused but again seperate paragraphs if it suits you guys. Ed you do see how that was just wierd. This is really starting to lose its humor. Oh no! Quickly em BORAT ES COOL Umm... what the hell? *shrugs*Boring is fun.I dont think so, it's cool!!!! FW,use the quote method,the smileys and stuff will show up. That you trick. Kirbx sit! What does "That you trick" mean? this --> dude staps. I give up. I meant dude stop. -__- Stop what? Caring? I beat you to it so long ago, you didn't even know about it. I don't even TRY to read what's ^that^'s all about Cause you're going to die before you finished reading all of these things. No way! I'm immortal. Yes way! I already stole your immortality yesterday. NOO! Shut up, Kirby. LOL. WHO ARE YOU ORDERING PEOPLE. Ehm NOTHING. Use the quoting method, guys. Oops, sorry ninetails. The smilies won't showed up if you use copy paste. "Smilies make the world go round!" se Or Frownies... lol. don't forget Cool threads!!. "Frownies" remind me of brownies. Im not going to lie ed really bummed me out You brought it on to yourself, I'm sorry to say it. @trixie: Yeah, I'll think that when I'm hungry. Why you I'm hungry too. well,who mentioned frownies in the first place? As in every bad situtation I am partially to blame but I never really did much to do this I have been acting this way for awhile and they ust notice now? Umm... actually this ones on me, you said nothing about frownies, your just talking about smilies. Also, we didn't notice just now, we weren't as ticked off before, we changed, not you, that was the problem. Kirbx never changes I am an unmovable stone fighting an unstopable wind.Then you'd get eroded with time. I dunno what is going on anymore... // This thing is huge this maybe James the Garchomps ONLY thing that he did of importance. Whhere is he now? @Kirby: This might be the only thing he did at all. @trixie: What do all "just joined" members do when they join? They all become inactive and forget about the place after a few posts or so. That's pretty much what happened. Let's work together on Flamechamber against Kirbx Yea, SPARTA!!! hehehe. I didn't when I "joined" //pichubro will post in yellow for now on (in this thread)//a) Where's Teresa? b) You should just post in yellow in general. It'd be awesome. Yeah although you should choose a brighter yellow if you can find one that yellow kinda is the color of ear wax. Ehhh.I'll used my old Royal Blue than Blue on BLUE? Surely you jest.Kay, I do invisible than Never mind pokedream only has 1 yellow yet it has 10 shades of BLUE! wtf Kirbx! You missed my invi-post! Kirby! Stop breaking the chain you C-C-C-C-COMBO BREAKER!If I use invisi-post, should I put smilies in the end of my post so my post could get noticed Maybe, but Kirby might still miss them even if you labeled them "DB POSTED HERE".Kay, how about this <-- DB wuz here! Heh. It'll be kinda funny down the road to see arrows everywhere. 8D No. It'll look beautiful XD<--DB wuz here As beautiful as Leonardo da Vinci's paintings! Hahahaha Such a random things to say -.-<--DB wuz here Like that hasn't happened in this thread before. Btw, here's a waffle for you: ▓ ... At least, I THINK it's a waffle...No, I think we should turn off the blitz instead<--DB wuz here Everyone's getting colours? ~ Trix its insanity! Then I post in Orange. Makin' a rainbow, ne?Nope, I'm just blending in. Good move.then I shall post in....BLACK So now what? Wahatevs! My color still rullz! >=D<--DB wuz here I have a new smiley for my use and only my use:{|I shall call him... MUSTACHEIO And he shall be yours and he shall be your little mustacheio. Try googlin Mustacheio. Perhaps he really DO exist. Btw I really love the arrows on my posts!<--DB wuz here so here is my two cents again Is anyone actually posting right now? DB can you really stop making huge ass blank spaces in the middle its really screwing up the stuff. This thing is getting HUGE."But in this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes," said Benjamin Franklin in a Letter to Jean Baptiste Le Roy in 1789 [Keke was here] Kirby to see DBs posts you must highlight it >:{DOnly a wise man can see my posts =P<--is NOT a blank spot And if you ask me, this is already screwed up enough. Pretty sneaky DB you actually fooled me.LolAnyone in PD can easily fool you Kirbx =P<--DB wuz here You are so right. What the... I messed up all the invisi-posts! Oh well, EDITED!<--DB wuz here.It's still messed up. and you edited out my last post [COLOR="PaleGreen"]"Heaven has no rage like love to hatred turned / Nor hell a fury like a woman scorned." [Keke was here]Oh, sorry =(<--DB wuz here
Wow I forgot about this... Me too!! It continues to grow! Ha ha ha. //of course it does, it's the way of the game~olbligary continueation post Holy shit I remember this! As do I, aswell. That was redundantly redundant.