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Thread: zombies in mans history...

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    Quote Originally Posted by zombiehunter
    In history there are numerous civilizations that decline almost over night without any logical explanation, mayans, the colony of roanoke, even places in the far east.

    but is it possible that zombies were the case of their collapse, lets look at the colony of roanoke island(1587-1590) the colony lasted 3 years, then, everyone was gone, when a trade ship came to the island, they found the settlement but no one was there, no evidece of siege, nothing, local tribes recorded that they were in a great war within their own ranks, cannibalism aswell,

    now lets look at the mayans, how could they of lasted a near millenium and then just collapse over nite all attempted(or proposed) solutions were never supported by archeaology.

    even during a mass causulty event(i.e. war, famine, disease) there are going to be burials, but in the mayans cause, there were no burials, evidence suggests that the dead were left to rot above ground where they fell. what could of happened that was so horrible so evil and so terrifying that would force ppl to leave their friends or family where they dropped.
    that is unusual but notes of mass cannibalism at the end of the maya, and also evidence of bones and body parts being forcfully ripped out of their sockets and eaten on the spot(that sounds zombieish to me), even evidence of children eating their parents were found.

    what about the Jivaro(the head shrinkers of equador)
    what evil did their ancestors face that was so evil that they had to shrink every one of their enemies heads?
    and why go through so much trouble?

    maybe zombies can be created through natural means aswell.
    I found this to be amusing... discuss!
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    I find it to be ridiculous. There is no explanation as to how zombies would be animated in the first place. Sure he has some evidence, circumstantial though it may be, but where's the theory?

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    Leo the resone they where found like that is becuase some towns due to small pox lost 98% of there population in less than a day

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    From Cracked...

    #5.The Lost Roanoke Colony

    The Roanoke Colony was either the first permanent settlement in America, or an elaborate practical joke. Walter Raleigh sent the colonists there and then left them without supplies for three years, perhaps just to see what would happen.

    What he probably didn't expect was for the colony to just vanish. When new settlers finally arrived, none of the original colony remained at the settlement (except for the old skeleton of one guy) and the mysterious word "Croatan" was carved into a tree, right under, "Metallica Rules".

    So, was it a UFO abduction? Perhaps the colonists were held in some kind of suspended animation and are still being anally probed to this very day.

    The Obvious Answer:

    That second group of settlers didn't really get the chance to investigate what happened to the original bunch, because a few years later an even bigger mysterious phenomena occurred: Blue-eyed, pale-complexioned Indians began showing up on nearby Croatan Island.

    So what to make of these mysterious children, who looked like they might have been the descendents of white/Indian mixed race parents? On CROATAN island?

    It's almost as if, we don't know, a certain group of settlers realized their colony sucked, and went and found some natives nearby who seemed to know how to live off the land. And that they then left their shitty colony forever to go live happily ever after on Croatan Island, and to have impressive amounts of sex with the natives.

    "Hey, like the nearby island. Whatever, I'm sure that's just a coincidence."

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