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Thread: debating theology

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    Default debating theology

    One of the biggest wastes of time ever. Smart people who debate theology with dogmatist Catholics who could be physics professors will one day be the DEATH OF THE UNIVERS=EE

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    its definitely the most boring thing to debate of all time, and all the boring people love to debate it every chance they get
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    I do it to pass time because I am bored. Also, religion happens to very personal to most people and I like seeing what they have to say. It's a way to psycho-analyze someone I guess. Since I can't physically see any of you to watch for body language and other minute things.
    That's where my stupid posts come from, hmm... well. I've been doing this for so long, evaluating other that is, and playing off as being silly... I guess I'm partly stupid. But being cognitive of this stupidity, I use it as a tool, to see the true nature of people...

    anyway--In person I joke too much and no one is really sure if they should take me seriously. Something I like. Having people not know what I will do next.

    But is neither here or there. Arguing over religion is boring and the same things are said over and over again, except said by different people.
    There are the goody-goodies that say God is love and everything. There are the atheists that say there is no proof and claim they cannot believe what was written by man. Agnostics who are unsure because most of them are scared to not believe yet they are very indecisive. There are the wiccans/pagans who most of them want to make mommy or daddy angry.
    Then there the wiccans/pagans who take it seriously but haven't given their religion much thought.
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