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Thread: Something I heard today...

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    Default Something I heard today...

    If you use Firefox as your browser (which a fair number of people do), you should probably check your add-ons, especially if you install all those Windows updates Microsoft keep sending out. See, one of them installs a Firefox add-on called Microsoft .NET Framework Assistant. You'll probably notice it because it can't be uninstalled. Well, if it is there, I hear you should disable it at least, if not find a way to uninstall it. As far as I can tell not having doesn't impact performance, and from what I've read it makes your computer more vulnerable to all sorts of things. Anyway, enough computer nerdery.

    Oh, if you want to get rid of it here's how.

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    I too hate those notifications when the appear again again on tv screen that distracts the attention of person. Well I guess that would be the joint policy of both Microsoft

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