So, I was cleaning out/reorganizing my laptop and external hard drive that has give or take pretty much almost EVERYTHING notable that was posted on PD in the past 5 years. Granted a few accidental hard drive wipes in those 5 years have destroyed MAYBE 25% of some PD past BUT, I believe you all will enjoy these tokens I have saved from PD.

OLLLDDDDDDD Shout Out Video, fun facts, Kelsh and Tim are heard at the end talking about how FM was an idiot for sticking up for Nanaki back in the day day day.

The Best of the Best:

THE original rainbow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

THE original Snoop Dogg pic!!!!!!

So well done.

Original sig of yours truly. Oh the memories.

Don't EVER mess with the Wigglytuff!


The Official PokeDream Forums T-Shirt. To think I ordered 300 of these and not a single one sold.

hahahahaha yuuuppppp

A typical Xion pic, but in a suit!

I VAUGLY remember this happening.

The only known photo of a girl named Ripdo.

Ah, one of my originals. Those were the days.


Haha, Ed sucks.

Wiki edits are always good for a laugh. haha

Oh yeah, it's on Google Images alright. haha


hahahahaah oh that Hicky.

One bad ass muthah' fuckah'!


hahaha fatass

PokeMasterSean13 was a rascal of a fella to put that as his avatar!

That's right, I still have the pic. xD

Tim the blue Kirby.

An old Xion B-day gift.

The Walrus pic. <3

Miyazaki's dick is so big he can balance the planet Mars on it!!!!!

Mex's dad's first love.

I started it.

And finished it.

And made a new word.

Fun fact, Trixie barely posted at this time but I put her on the dick any ways.

Yup, still have that too.

The cutest couple ever on PD.

Ripdo's hate for these Digimon characters was a story in and of itself. Oh the laughs.

Rest in peace my Hindu friend.

hahahaahhahahahah Was is that Goku in the pic?

I gotta put this in even if it is recent.



It's gonna happen people.



xD I don't even know why I made this.

Qoorl is a cave man you know.

The Rest That is Still Notable:

Pichubro's property.

Old PD line-up from CA.

Old PD line-up from CA.

Pichubro sig.

Xion's original photo for his original avatar.

None of you would know this besides God. This was THE FIRST photoshop I ever did.

I don't remember what this meant but it sure had to have been funny. Prob. something to do with KS being a pedophile.

When Mex posed as LL.

I think Mex drew this.

Bill Cosby.

Bill Cosby.

I have no idea.

That's a cool dog.

I'm PRETTY sure that had to do something with Mex.

Back in the day.


A dog drawing contest pic I submitted to beat Mex.

Tim's clone at an Anime Convention.


I forget why I did this.

I thin Mex drew this.

A random poster that made a good-bye thread that no one have a shit about so I made this pic.

Don't ask me.

He thought he was SOOOOOO COOOOLL with all those Crush Cards...bastard!

Recent but needed.

I don't know why this was made.