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    Default At last, the english names

    Finnally, Nintendo has produced some names for our beloved fourth-generation pokemon. I cannot say the names were that good, though.

    Tamanta is now Mantyke.
    Elekible is now Electivire.
    Bouysel is now Buizel.
    Naetoru is now Turtwig
    Hikozaru is now Chimchar
    Pochama is now Piplup
    Mukkuru is now Starly
    Koroboshi is now Kricketot
    Korinku is now Shinx
    Tatetopusu is now Shieldon
    Pachirisu is now Pachirisu (Japanese is same as English name)
    Floatsel is now Floatzel
    Karanakusi is now Shellos
    Mimiroru is now Buneary
    Nyaruma is now Glameow
    Pinpuku is now Happiny
    Greggruru is now Croagunk
    Masukippa now Carnivine
    Bippa is now Bidoof
    Subomi is now Budew
    Fuwaraido is now Drifblim
    Scorpi is now Skorupi
    Rozureido is now Roserade
    Cherimu is now Cherrim
    Enperuto is now Empoleon.
    Hayashigame is now Grotle
    Dotaitos is now Torterra
    Moukazaru is now Monferno
    Goukazaru is now Infernape
    Pottaishi is now Prinplup
    Bunyatto is now Purugly
    Sukatanku is now Skuntank
    Mukubird is now Staravia
    Mukuhawk is now Staraptor
    Biidaru is now Bibarel
    Korotokku is now Kircketune
    Skunpuu is now Stunky
    Buuburn is now Magmortar
    Agunomuu is now Azelf (Looks lioke you'll have to change your names in the RPs, CL)

    Credit to Cool Latios for finding this big scoop.
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