The Isle of Orca

Table of Contents:

1. Introduction
2. Orca
3. Pokemorphs
4. Pokemorph Inhabitation of Orca
6. Setting, Rules, and Sign-up

Most residents of the Pokemon World are not aware of the existence of the Isle of Orca. The Hoenn Operations and Organizational Team (HOOT), the main ruling party of the Hoenn region, has kept it secret. The reason being is that Orca was a secret base of operations for HOOT, where HOOT conducted unorthodox, and generally disapproved of, experiments, usually for military purposes.


Orca is located a few dozen miles off the northern coast of Mossdeep, and is about a half of its size. Orca can only be accessed from its northern side, which makes it an ideal base of secret operations, as Orca's northern side does not face anything. The other sides of Orca are cliffs and inaccessible by sea. Air access is only available by hidden runways throughout the island, as Orca is covered in forest and steep hills, as well as the large mountain on its West side. Orca almost surrounds a bay in its center, but there is an opening in the bay's south edge. This edge is cut off by a reef along the straight, teeming with Corsola.


The reason HOOT eventually abandoned Orca was because of Pokemorphs, a name dubbed by Secret Operations' head Donavon Malt. Pokemorphs were originally created by the HOOT team in Orca as Pokemon with human traits. This original operation (Code-named Wurmple) was declared a failure as the experimented upon Pokemon became immediately insane upon acquiring human hands and English speech. HOOT then began Operation Caterpie, giving humans Pokemon traits, using captured AWOL soldiers or maximum security prisoners from Hoenn. The first 52 experiments utilized actual Pokemon body parts, forcefully removed from Pokemon, but after the test subject's systems began resisting the body parts, HOOT began artificially synthesizing Pokemon body parts and nerve connections, eventually creating the first real Poke-human hybrids.

The first Pokemorphs went absolutely berserk inside their holding station, and a few escaped. the rest were captured and exterminated. HOOT then began work on more advanced forms of Pokemorphs, this time entirely generated by mixing human and Pokemon genes from and placing them in artificial wombs, therefor causing the Pokemorphs to be "naturally" created. These new Pokemorphs were born and raised as humans (albeit with Pokemon powers). HOOT's top psychiatrists and biologists then headed the projects, pushing the newly created Pokemorphs to their full potential of human ingenuity and Pokemon moves by convincing them that they were fighting for the freedom of other Pokemorphs like themselves (up to the point of creating fake letters from "refugee" Pokemorphs) and by electrically stimulating certain Pokemon organs. But one day there was a break-in at the base by one of the old Pokemorphs, an Alakazam mix by the name of Jonas "Bravo" Tanta. Bravo convinced many of the newly created Pokemorphs of their actual purpose and those few rebels were able to herd their companions out of the HOOT headquarters on Orca, spreading out into Orca's wilds.

Pokemorphs usually look human most of the time, although there are always certain properties of their Pokemon alter-egos apparent. For instance in the case of Bravo, he always has a small yellow tail, the classic Alakazam mustache and ears, and a certain affinity for spoons. When a Pokemorph wants to use their Pokemon powers they will transform into their Pokemon counterparts, although with some human characteristics still remaining (Bravo still retains his human hands and he has two pairs of ears, one set still human). Pokemorphs can consciously hold their Pokemon forms for any amount of time, although after a few hours they will naturally change back as a sub-concious change. It should be noted that due to some necessary changes to the Pokemorph's digestive system, Pokemorph feces emits nauseous fumes that causes most humans to become unconscious upon the fume's contact with their olfactory sense. Pokemorphs find the fumes stinky, but are otherwise unaffected. Launching piles of feces has become a staple form of combat in Pokemorph war.

As of yet it is impossible for the capture of a Pokemorph with a Pokeball. The only success was with a masterball, but the brain-washing technology (used to domesticate captured Pokemon) within the Pokeball did not take effect, and the unfortunate Pokemorph's release only caused expensive laboratory damage and one more extermination.

Pokemorphs can reproduce. They do not lay eggs and bear their children in the mammalian manner. Otherwise breeding is exactly similar to Pokemon breeding, in the fact that only Pokemorphs with the Pokemon genes of certain families can breed, the species is that of the mother, and moves are inherited.

Pokemorphs, like normal Pokemon, can learn up to four moves, corresponding to their Pokemon mix. On rare occasions Pokemorphs have been able to learn moves through TMs, but no further research has been done as TMs are rare on Orca. Pokemorphs can teach themselves moves, and thus are a mix of trainer and Pokemon.

Pokemorphs have much more stamina than your average Pokemon, and many have been observed to be able to defeat up to five Pokemon in one battle. After battles, however, they must rest for a time in order to regain their stamina.

Pokemorph Inhabitation of Orca:

On Orca, There have developed many Pokemorph towns, all along the Orcan bay. At the north end of the bay lies the Pokemorph city, Orcene. Orcene is considered by Pokemorphs as the capital of Orca, and it holds the council, a collective of 11 great elders (Currently headed by Bravo) who govern Orca. Orcene is also the site of many of Orca's own military operations (see HOOT below).

Pokemorphs have started farming the Eastern area of Orca, since it is grassland, albeit quite hilly (many areas were terraced). Pokemorphs living on the Western side of Orca are mostly hunter gatherer, and some groups are nomadic. In the Southwest area, wherein lies the great Mount Kal, live many flying Pokemorphs, usually feeding on the bug Pokemon inhabiting the forest in Kal's foothills, or rare Dragon Pokemorphs fly free from atop Kal's great cliffs. Freshwater is problematic, as the Orcan Bay is salt water and takes up a large area of Orca. From Kal comes the large rapids of Kala, which become a creek by Orcene. Most Pokemorphs on Orca's eastern side are dependent on rain and wells, except for those living around the small Lake Weaville, named after its strange similarity to the shape of a Weaville's head.


After the Pokemorph break-out HOOT swiftly quit the experiment and left Orca. However one year later a Pokemorph was found by a HOOT official trying to reach the shore of Lilycove city (It was a Gyarados mix). HOOT, fearing more Pokemorphs would come decided to take military action against the Pokemorphs. Donavan Malt ordered several dozens of paratroopers onto Orca's Western side, but most were swiftly cut down. Some made it to HOOT's abandoned headquarters, in the Northwestern edge near Orca's harbor, and found the headquarters still operational. The leader of the operation, Jimmy Tak, quickly took over part of Orca's entrance from its Pokemorph inhabitants. Not wanting to risk a bombing and alerting the inhabitants of Mossdeep, Donavan began quickly sending troops by sea to Orca. Soon HOOT began taking over sections of Orca.

The Pokemorphs took action again, creating a military base in Orcene and sending troops against HOOT's headquarters. Both sides were being swiftly cut-down, and a cease-fire was negotiated. HOOT, however, still wanted all Pokemorphs exterminated, and the Pokemorphs wanted Orca's Northwestern corner. Orca became an area of fear from both sides.

HOOT is mostly right-wing in terms of political advancements. It believes in Hoenn's eventual rise to power and crushing of other regions. HOOT always pours most of its tax money into military and educational ventures. Its leader and current president of Hoenn, Donovan Malt, is aid to be skilled in combat and Pokemon battling. HOOT's operations in Orca mostly revolve around ground assault with firearms or artillery, although there have also been naval and aerial operations.

Setting, Rules, & Sign-up:

This RP takes place during HOOT's continuous campaign against the Pokemorphs. choose either side and any person.

1)No killing other player's characters
2)Only do things within your jurisdiction if you're a HOOT soldier (No bombing Orcene if you're doing operations on the West side)
3)No legendary Pokemorphs
4)Put Jellypanst at the end of your sign-up
5)HOOT members can have up to 4 Pokemon, 1 firearm, and 1 close-range weapon
6)Pokemorphs cannot capture Pokemon, but can converse with them and keep them as pets

Name: (Obvious)
Age: (Obvious)
Gender: (Obvious)
Species: (Human or Pokemorph)
Position on Conflict: (Extremist Pokemorph or HOOT, neutral, pacifistic, or mercenary)
Occupation: (If you're a human that's your HOOT position, Pokemorphs can have any occupation)
Pokemon Mix: (Obvious)
Human Appearance: (If you're a Pokemorph this is your human form)
Pokemon appearance: (Pokemorph changed form, just say your Pokemon and the human traits it has)
Geographical Position: (Where your home/headquarters are. HOOT has its main headquarters, but it has different operation headquarters throughout Orca)
Pokemon / Moves: (If you're a HOOT member list your Pokemon and their moves. If you're a Pokemorph just list your moves)
Weaponry: (One fire-arm and one close-range weapon if you're from HOOT, one close-range weapon if you're a Pokemorph)
History/Personality: (This is optional as you may develop this as you play, just update your sign-up as your character develops)
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