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Thread: Omission Island: Escape

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    Default Omission Island: Escape

    Omission Island: Escape

    I thought I was immortal, living out the very impossible. I was flying, starring around at the world beneath me in one of man's greatest achievements, the plane. It was full, so many people that had been mere nuances; distractions and annoyances riddled through out my perfect travel.

    I thought it was hell. It could have been, the screaming, the panic the sheer terror everywhere and all around us. Why couldn't I scream? Why couldn't I move? I must have, for I didn't die. When did the plane crash? How? The turbulence, static messages repeating in my mind... to far of course, no one will find us...

    I thought the water would swallow me. It should have, it would have been easier, easier then going through what I did, but I meant to be strong. I meant to live, make it to shore, and it came at such a heavy price.

    I thought I was safe. The worst had been over, the inferno of the falling plane, the chill of the ocean water far behind me. Fresh water to drink and clean in, food falling from the trees. I was still here. We were still here, still whole, still human.

    I thought it was a dream. The night they came, I cried in happiness, I believed we had been rescued. I never dreamed of labs, of test tubes and freaks. A mocking voice explained what was to become of us; we were dead to the world and trespassers on Omission Island. They could do with us what they wished.

    I thought I was dieing. They said I would be great, special and an achievement on mankinds existence. I was none of this, nothing but pain as my body changed before my eyes, legs fusing together and my body became loose and pliable. I felt my arm's stretch into fins and they looked on oblivious.

    I thought no more. How could I? The doctor had won, I was on his island of Omission morphed into some excuse of a fish, a gill breather and a life I knew nothing about. I made bubbles, a goldfish in a fish bowl with nothing to think about and nothing to do. What could I change?

    I thought about the others. What terrible things had they become? Changed into snake, rat, horse and bird monsters, neither human nor animal. They had lost their humanity also, caged and living like the freaks he intended us to be.

    I thought about hope, and how it never seemed to have existed at all.

    Disclaimer: This is NOT my idea. It's Muttsy's! Here is the original thread:

    Plot: You are the survivor of a plane crash that landed in the middle of the ocean. You've swam to an island, surprisingly large but otherwise uninhabited. There's wild life, and your first days will focus on survival. Plane wreckage continues to drift in, but your main priority will be shelter, food and water. Not killing anybody would be a bonus if you can help it . After we've been established, we will be raided and captured by Doctor Omission, a mad scientist who plan's on creating a freak zoo by mixing people with various animals to form strange and disgusting hybrids. Why he does this, no one can know or even understand the reasons behind his mind, but so many follow him without question. You are his pet now, he will feed you, take care of you but you are bound forever a slave in his freak show doomed to the life of a dirty animal. It is here, in his labs where we will begin the painful process of mutation! It is long, painful but somehow, someway it has worked and madness has bordered on genius, but has it? You are not human, nor are you entirely animal. You have been altered, stretched, rolled pressed... given the traits that mimic your creature of choice. At least he granted you this luxury, to choose what monster you would become. After this, your goal is simple: Escape. This will not be easy, cages, zap collars, the works will be applied to keep you in line and in check. You must use your new form to achieve these means. Will you team together, go it solo? Somewhere in the labyrinth of the labs an antidote is waiting to change you back; it could be in the form of a pill, powder, injection or even a gas, it is different for everyone. Not only is getting this cure extremely difficult, but you also need several doses before it can take effect at all. Can you cure yourself and still escape? Perhaps you will sacrifice being human just to end your torture and get off the island as the freak animal your are, or maybe, just maybe, you don't want to go home at all...

    Animal Forms: This isn't teenage mutant ninja turtles here, you are monsters! If you become a bird you don't just get a pair angel wings growing out your back, your arms will change to wings, your face will grow a beak and your hair change to feathers. You will grow claws, loose your voice, and be completely unrecognizable. If you change into a wild cat you don't just get whiskers a tail and some cute ears. You will form a snout, your hands and feet dwarf into paw like structures as your legs shrink to match your arms. Your body is distorted; it needs to be heavier or lighter, longer or shorter, skinny or muscular, furry or scaled to accommodate the demands of your animal. You aren't exactly a definable species of animal, like an anaconda for example, but become a snake in general. Oh, and if we could try and come up with different animals to each other that would be nice, but it's not a requirement.


    Name: Standard, last name not necessary. Include any nicknames here also.
    Age: Anything realistic that you want.
    Gender: Pretty easy people.
    Appearance: Picture's are fine, but as for your human-animal mutant form I'd prefer you'd stick to written descriptions. In fact, I don't want to see them here at all. Let that part play out in the rp and edit it in later. Remember, you're not sexy werewolf here, you're freaks, monsters. Keep it realistic.
    Personality: Just a few sentences, and don't feel to grounded it what you've made them. You'll be going through a plane crash; this could drastically change your character.
    History: I only want your reason for being on the plane, and one word that ties to your past just so I know that you've thought of one. This could be a word as random as “macaroni” to maybe signify a job you once had or as meaningful as “Failure” to signify a turning point in your character's life. Make reference to your history throughout the story, let's see if us reader's can figure it out!
    Animal: The animal you will be mutated into, options are vast. You can be virtually anything, but remember that it's not very specific. You won't be just a wolf or a fox, but instead a sort of hybrid of the canine species itself. However, there are a few allowances. For example, the difference between a pelican and a vulture are vast enough that you may lean in favour towards certain traits of one.









    Note: We will start at the airport, and I really don’t care about the “technical” aspects of flying. It will be a ten hour flight across an ocean, a quarter way through it will change course and another 3 hours in it will crash in the middle of nowhere (that happens to be next to an island that doesn’t exist). We will start at a made up place and end at a made up one, no arguing about silly things like “That’s not how long the flight would take” or “There’s no airport in that town!” I made it up; it can have whatever anyone want’s it to have (as long as it’s realistic and furthers the story.)

    Standard rules, you all know the drill by now. No godmodding, keep romances at an appropriate level, all forms of rp's welcome! Keep OOC chatter to a minimum. I reserve the right to end arguing on this board, or at least tell you to hash it out in PM.

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    Name: Francesca Duchesne (She is called Chess)

    Age: 22

    Gender: Female

    Appearance: Sky blue eyes, delicate features, tall and willowy yet somehow buxom. She usually wears her long red hair up in a twist. Today she is wearing her typical attire: a powder blue skirt that falls well short of her knees, matching well tailored jacket with small pearl buttons and a white shell underneath. Her nails are painted a pale pink, her matching toenails can be seen peeping from the tip of her white stiletto heels. A thin platinum bangle watch adorns her as well as a Jackie Kennedy pearl necklace and matching bracelet.

    Personality: Quiet, competitive, driven, moderately intelligent but with good sense of humour and a mischievous streak a mile wide.

    History: Her flight was overbooked and so she was forced to wait alone for 9 hours in a noisy, crowded airport, for this flight.

    Word: Succeed

    Animal: Monkey

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    Name: Gill Waltson.
    Age: 21
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: A gangly fellow with a skinny face, with some acne scarring here and there. His figure is mainly devoid of muscles. On the plane ride Gill is wearing a green t-shirt displaying the words "Game Over". He has a red hoodie on devoid of design, and some-what faded jeans. He is wearing sandals in anticipation of the trip.
    Personality: Gill is an anti-social fellow with a feel for the bizarre and unique. Basically a geek. Gill prides himself in being very knowledgeable in the world and tells people he is like "a walking encyclopedia". He is also wimpy and is unreliable under pressure.
    History: Gill is on his way to visit his grandparents, recently retired to the tropics.
    Word: Virgin.
    Animal: Platypus

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    Default I have to go with the Army guy

    Name: Leo Sandson; "Sand-man"
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: A young man with an average to athletic build. Has short black hair, trimmed neatly of course. Has brown eyes and appears formidable to some. Is wearing the standard ACU uniform for all Army soldiers.
    Personality: easy going guy and calm. Loyal to his friends and has a high sense of justice. Has a great fear of bleach for some reason.
    History: Going home to visit his girlfriend for R&R. Has been deployed for many months and he can't wait to get out of his Army uniform and relax.
    Leo's plane has just landed at the airport... late, as usual.
    History Word: "Punished"

    Animal: spider
    Leo 3DS friend Code: 0344 - 9299 - 0936


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    Name:Jason Blamn

    Age: 34

    Gender: Male

    Appearance: Medium length brown hair. Brown eyes. He is wearing a shirt and labcoat.

    Personality: Intelligent and logical, but forgets common sense somtimes. Having worked in the field for quite a while, he is sociable and work well in groups. When he is angered he will not compromise.

    History: Colecting samples in the tropics.

    Word: Intellegence

    Animal: Large flightless Emu/Ostrich

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