TA wanted to flame a Christian Debate site for Home Schoolers, because he, as a Homeschooler, posted there fairly regularly it seemed and it was gay.

So me, him, Devil and Rai went there and eventually some of us posted porn. Since they are massive Christians they reacted huge to this, sent an e-mail to everyone on the forum about how they were really sorry, and would be persuing legal action against the offenders and would contact their congressmen about this issue to help further anti-internet porn efforts. One of us might still have the e-mail, I don't think I do though.

So anyway lots of people were really mad about this, parents and stuff, the site was connected with a lot of official organizations so a lot of people appearantly got pissed and they had to change the site doing things like installing admin approval for new accounts and stuff. Never followed through with any legal action of course.

Oh yeah, they called it an "Anti-Christian hate crime."

All in all, a pretty successful flame.