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Thread: Arks of Destiny

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    Default Arks of Destiny

    For nearly the entire history of the world, there have been those whose power was beyond normal. There were beings worshiped as gods and civilizations for more advanced than any other on earth. The truth of these beings and these civilizations were swept under the rug, dismissed as mythology and allegory, until now. Sigils have been discovered, seemingly innocuous artifacts or knicknacks at first, they have a great and hidden power, they unlock Arks.

    Placing a Sigil on any doorway, changes that door into a portal to the Ark it is tied too. What theses Arks are and what they contain is a mystery for now, but Soon, very soon select individuals will open the Arks they have somehow acquired and together, through correspondence, through face to face meeting and through perilous adventure, they will unlock this great Mystery.

    ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* ~*

    Okay, so what's this RP about? It's about people, normal people that stumble upon a secret that could alter the course of the world. It's about sweeping conspiracies, lost civilizations, and war between man and terrible beings known as the Nephile.

    It's different in that some of the RP won't even be in this thread. It'll be through corresponce, letters from one character to another, as they work together to try and piece out the enigmas locked within the Arks. These letters, for now will be PM from one player to another, but I'll work out the real details later, and the letters will probably posted either in this thread or a fascilitating thread later.

    Yeah it sounds weird... and yeah it's vague, but trust me. If I can get people on this one, it'll be big.


    The Sign Up:


    Location: This can be any where in the world as there will be a lot of correspondence (Letter writing to the uninitiated) and once the Sigils are in place and the Arks are opened.... Travel just might be easier than we're all used to.

    Description: What your character looks like, natch.

    History: Your character's past. What they're like and how they got that way.

    Sigil: They're just small bronze symbols that have a hole in the back to hang on a door. Tell us how you stumbled across your Sigil. Was it an inheritence? Found in some dusty tomb? Picked up at a flea market? Sky's the limit.... just make sense. As for your Ark... I'll reveal what's inside once you make your char.

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    Name: William "Bill" Raveller

    Location: Winnipeg, Manitoba

    Description: A large build, Bill would be best described as "wide as he is tall". He has a buzz-cut of what would otherwise be brown hair. His eyes are brown too, and his face is pudgy. His jowl moves to his speech almost hypnotically. Bill has a wide girth, but still has some muscle built up under it. Still, he's let himself go lately. He normally wears a blue dress shirt and wide brown pants with a belt to hide his beer belly.

    History: Born and raised in Manitoba, Bill liked to rough-house with other boys. Mainly described as a bully, Bill finally found his calling in the Canadian army as a drill sergeant, where he excelled. He also learned French as a requirement. Finally retiring he lived a life without a mate, teaching French at different schools. He is the nightmare of many schools, as his loud drill sergeant voice and whistle scare the shit out of anybody.

    Sigil: Confiscated from a kid who was marveling over it at school. Angered at the child's lack of attention Bill took away the trinket. The child begged for it back, telling Bill he was given it and it was destiny for him to have it, but Bill didn't listen.
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