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Thread: School for Education of Future Trainers - sign ups

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    OOC: good, we are starting

    IC: My time had finally come.

    After many battles, after seeing so many styles of fighting, I was going to have my turn. My father had signed me up when I decided it was my time. I had pointed out my favorite type-the dark type- to my father for the request he had made. I looked up into the sky. I knew all to well that there would be other trainers, ones who could be a challenge. I had but one advantage, and that was my knowledge of the fights. I had seen all too many fights at our coliseum, and I was fascinated by them. I had looked at the strategies, I had found battle styles and combos, and I had memorized all type advantages and disadvantages. Not that I was at a disadvantage by making a pure prediction of what a trainer will use based on his or her team. I just knew the great tactics of battle, and I knew that when I went to the trainers school, I would find strong opponents of all sorts. I smiled. My time had come.

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