what are some of the most hilarious moments you have ever experienced.

a top tier one for me was when i was in i think 8th grade, i went to mario's house to bring him over to my house or something. you see mario lives across the street from this broken down old barn, which at the time(not sure if still) had about 30 illegal mexican immigrants living in it. so we had to use their drive way in the back to turn around. we pulled into the drive way, and just sitting there, in the clearing behind the barn, was a parked car, turned off, with at least 5 mexicans inside it, just sitting, there, 3 of them wearing sombreros, and all of them drinking bottles of alcohol.

A small car, full of 5 mexicans, just sitting beside a barn, not turned on, with them wearing sombreros and drinking alcohol. it was one of the most ridiculous and hilarious things i've ever seen in my life.

WHY were they in the car? they lived in the barn. the barn was about 10 feet away from the car. but they chose to sit in the car, with it not even turned on, drinking alcohol, and for some reason wearing sombreros.