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Thread: Legacies Of A Pokémon Dream: What On Earth?

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    Default Legacies Of A Pokémon Dream: What On Earth?

    Before I start, role-playing is pretty cool - but if you don't know how to role play then I don't intend to teach you. Go on to the Role Play forum, read a guide, join one of the role-plays there, and become acquainted with the general idea of participating in role-plays. It doesn't have to be here - I'm sure role plays are somewhere else on the internet. Make sure you search hard. Google is a fantastic tool - as long as you've played a video game in which you spend at least 0.5% of the time actually communicating with people, then you have done some sort of role playing. All that is needed is to learn proper role play etiquette, and practice.

    Now, on to what Legacies Of A Pokémon Dream is. It's just a place where you can Role Play inside the Pokémon world, but you have your own forum to do what you please. Make exceedingly complex rules about attacks from Combee, describe your characters sexual exploits with Hypno, anything - there's just a sense of continuity. There's a sense of accomplishment, too, as you basically show off your amazing skills.

    This is a sandbox for Pokémon role plays. Start what ever Pokémon RPs you like. There are few rules.
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