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Thread: The most vulgar thing you've seen inside a bathroom stall.

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    Default The most vulgar thing you've seen inside a bathroom stall.

    Mine? A little 2 pane comic strip taking up on part of the wall, a woman, naked and all, shitting in a mans mouth, the second panes shows the man fingering the shitty asshole.
    Whats yours?

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    I once went in to a stall, and the toilet was not on the floor but splattered all over the inside of the stall, along with lots of feces. Where the toilet once stood a pipe was shooting gallons of whatsit all over the place. Looking up, I saw a dead man whose cranium had penetrated the ceiling.

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    Like you'd look for me, pffft...


    Haha, now THAT'S funny!
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    Too much. ALthough crap throw on the ceiling and wall tops most of it.

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