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    Default The Eon Team

    No, the thread is not named after me. I'm named after the story. Here is the beginning of a journey of a boy named Tucker, and his team of Eevees.

    The Eon Team
    J. G. Parrott

    Chapter 1: The Eevee Cubs

    “Ow! Ow! That’s cold Glaceon!” Tucker complained as he tried to pull his blankets over his head. However, Glaceon continued spraying a cold mist over him so that, even under a sheet and three layers of blankets Tucker couldn’t help shivering. Finally he gave up trying to resist Glaceon and threw his covers off of him. Glaceon immediately backed away and sat down on her haunches, staring innocently at him.

    “Was that necessary, Glaceon? It’s Saturday!” Tucker said angrily. The ice-type Pokémon just smiled cutely and stood up.

    “Glacy-glay-glace!” Glaceon said. Look over here! She looked over to the corner of the room where she slept, causing Tucker to look instantly.

    His jaw dropped instantly. No wonder Glaceon had wanted him up so badly. He scrambled over to her bed as quickly as he could, skidding along the wood floors at the last moment. Glaceon bounded next to him and sat down at the edge of her bed. There, resting in the folds of her blankets and snuggled deep in them, was a baby Eevee.

    “It hatched!” Tucker whispered excitedly. He eyed the other five eggs and noticed they seemed to be glowing. “They’re gonna hatch too!” Glaceon nodded proudly and then stepped into her bed and surrounded her eggs and her newborn Eevee. The Eevee yawned and moved about slightly at sensing the presence of its mother, but it kept its eyes closed.

    Glaceon cooed to her newborn and nestled her head against it. It pushed restlessly with its legs against her.

    “Is it a boy or a girl?” Tucker asked.

    “Gle,” Glaceon responded. Girl.

    “This is awesome,” Tucker said. “Do Mom and dad know yet?” Glaceon shook her head. She opened her mouth as if to speak, but suddenly one of the eggs began glowing brightly, drawing both hers and Tucker’s attention. A moment later, as the shining intensified, another of the eggs began doing the same. Tucker scooted away and watched in fascination. The first of the eggs suddenly lost its oblong shape and morphed into an Eevee. The other egg did the same thing an instant later. The two looked around happily, first at Glaceon and then around the room. They stopped looking around when they saw Tucker.

    Tucker took the moment to really get a good look at the three Eevee babies. The one that was asleep, the oldest of them, had a smooth coat and small white dot of fur on its forehead. The second Eevee also had smooth fur, but a ridge of fur along its spine was a bit bushier, making it look like it had a ridged back. The third was much bushier than the other two. In fact, it was far bushier than any Eevee Tucker had ever seen.

    The first Eevee, the one with the dot on its forehead, suddenly woke up then. It blinked sleepily, but when it saw its new siblings it jumped to its feet happily and greeted them. “Ee-vee-eevee-eev,” it said. Tucker cocked his head to the side in confusion. He remembered understanding Glaceon when she had been an Eevee. Of course, that was seven years ago. He guessed he could have forgotten.

    The dotted Eevee suddenly saw Tucker then, as it looked to see what its siblings were looking at. Like them, it stared curiously.

    “Hi,” Tucker said meekly.

    “Ee,” the three Eevees said together. They looked back at Glaceon then who just smiled at them.

    “What are they?” Tucker asked.

    “See. Gle,” Glaceon said, putting her nose on the ridge-backed Eevee first and then the bushy Eevee. Boy. Girl.

    “Nice to meet you three,” Tucker said. “I’m Tucker.”

    Just then, the last three eggs suddenly began glowing together, causing all five sets of eyes in the room to look at them. They shined brighter after a moment and then all took the shapes of an Eevee. One had several tufts of fur sticking up at random on its body. Another had a ball of fur on top of its head between its ears. And the third had single white rings halfway up its ears. The three new Eevee looked around curiously, first at their mother, then at Tucker. Like the other three, they stared at him until he said, “Hello.” He looked back at Glaceon and asked her what these three were. All three were boys, she said.

    Tucker looked between the six Eevee babies, and after a moment just smiled. They were each different, and he liked that. A white dot. A ridge of fur. A bushy coat. Stray tufts. A ball of fur. And white rings.

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    Default Chapter 1, part 2

    Chapter 1, Part 2: First Day

    Tucker learned quickly that each of the Eevee cubs had distinctly different personalities. And they weren’t even twenty-four hours old yet! And yet Glaceon, Tucker, and his parents were already finding their hands full with the Eevees.

    The Eevee with the white dot on her forehead was constantly exploring and making discoveries of her surroundings. She also seemed to have the most energy of all of her siblings, as she would sometimes run for several minutes nonstop through the house with one or two of her siblings chasing her.

    The Eevee with the ridge of fur along his spine was a bit quieter and not as active. However, he was smart. Tucker realized after a while he was quiet because he was analyzing everything around him. On one occasion he and the dotted Eevee began rough-housing, and Tucker noticed the ridge-backed Eevee was mostly keeping his distance until the very end, just watching his sister’s movements. Then in one quick move he ducked under one of her jumps, reversed, and pinioned his sister on the ground, laughing as he did.

    The bushy Eevee had a bit more an attitude to her, but she was also tough. She tended to be a bit of a problem at times because she was constantly testing the boundaries of the rules Glaceon, Tucker, and his parents set down for the Eevee cubs to follow. She had displayed how tough she was when the Eevee with ball of fur on his head began playing with her. She had not acted too interested, so her brother began tackling her to try and get her attention. Most of his tackles seemed to just bounce off of her, and finally when she had enough of him she turned around and head butted him, knocking him onto his back.

    The Eevee with the stray tufts around his body (Tucker liked calling them cowlicks) was tended to keep to himself and seemed uncomfortable around his siblings. He shied away from them whenever they wanted him to play. Finally Glaceon stepped in after a while and got him to play with the ridge-backed Eevee. During the time he did play, once he got comfortable with doing so, he never stopped and seemed to have boundless energy to keep on playing.

    Tucker found he was going to have a problem with the Eevee who had the ball of fur between his ears. He was worse than his sister, the bushy Eevee, when it came to following any rules set out. Whereas his sister was just testing the limits of the rules, he blatantly ignored them. He often strayed up into areas where there were precariously perched items that would break if he hit them, and while he avoided touching the items, he refused to come down at Tucker’s or Glaceon’s commands. Eventually, Glaceon fired a weak ice beam at him, freezing him in place and allowing Tucker to grab him.

    The last of the siblings, the Eevee with a white ring around his ears, treaded lightly wherever he went, eyeing anything he wasn’t familiar with caution. He loved to play with his siblings, but he was not rough when he did. It was almost as if he was afraid he would break something or hurt someone when he did. He also seemed to like being with his sister, the ridge-backed Eevee, especially when she was watching and analyzing something. They didn’t get on each other’s nerves and both watched and studied intently whatever their focus was tuned to.

    Of course, as wonderful as all of the cubs were, they were still a lot to handle, especially the bushy one and the one with a fluff on top of his head. But despite it all, Tucker found himself enjoying the first day with all of these Eevee. Glaceon seemed to be the same way. He couldn’t blame her of course. They were her children after all. His parents enjoyed the Eevee cubs, but Tucker sensed they weren’t so thrilled at all of the extra work they required. As it was, his dad was already very busy with work. He was a lawyer, so he was almost always working even when he was at home. His mom stayed home and did house work, but she was almost always working too. She was a perfectionist, so she once she started a job she didn’t stop until it was at her standards. That meant it was mostly up to Tucker and Glaceon to take care of the cubs. And what a job it was.

    “Hey, Fluffs!” Tucker said, suddenly seeing that the Eevee with the fur ball on his head was up to no good again. “Don’t you dare,” Tucker warned.
    The Eevee looked at Tucker and seemed to smile mischievously at him. He had found his way up onto the kitchen counter and was standing on his hind legs to get to the pantry. Tucker rushed over to him and grabbed him before he could open it and get something inside.

    “You don’t do that,” Tucker scolded. The Eevee giggled and struggled out of his grasp. He tried to catch him but once the Eevee was on the ground it bolted to another part of the house.

    “Oh jeez,” Tucker muttered. He smacked his face with the palm of his hand and shook his head, chuckling somewhat. Then he noticed the ring-eared Eevee and Glaceon were down at his feet looking up at him. “Hey you two,” he said. “Glaceon, I think Fluffs has some of the old you in him.”
    Glaceon smiled and looked in the direction the mischievous Eevee had run. “Glae. See-glacy-seon-see-glae,” she said. Maybe. He’s young too, you know.

    “I know,” Tucker said. “He will have to learn.” He frowned suddenly, as a strange detail suddenly became apparent to him. “Hey. Is it quiet in here?” Since the Eevee cubs began playing that morning, it there had not been a quiet moment. ‘Maybe they’re taking a nap,’ Tucker thought. He, Glaceon, and the ring-eared Eevee walked into the next room, only to find it empty. Tucker looked around, confused. “Where are they?” he wondered.

    There was a banging overhead, causing all three to look up. It continued for a moment and then Tucker heard someone speaking. “There’s someone here!” Tucker said, running for the door.

    Once Tucker was outside he looked up on the roof. Struggling with a large burlap sack was a man in a black shirt and pants. There was something on the shirt but Tucker couldn’t tell what. He was more focused on the sack and the fact it was moving.

    “Hey!” Tucker exclaimed, causing the man to look up.

    “Oh crud,” the man said. “Go back inside kid. You-” he began, but stopped when he saw Glaceon and the ring-eared Eevee. “I missed one!” he muttered, just loud enough for Tucker to hear.

    Missed one? Tucker wondered what he meant, when suddenly the burlap sack opened slightly at the top and he an ear poked out of it. It was an Eevee ear. “Hey! Give me back our Eevee!” Tucker yelled. He ran to a tree next to his house and climbed up it to the roof. The man didn’t move because he began struggling with the bag again.

    “No you don’t,” the man said. He spotted Tucker coming at him and drew a poke ball off of his belt. “Come out, Murkrow!” he shouted. The poke ball opened up and, with a flash of light, Murkrow materialized in front of him.

    Right then Glaceon jumped up to the roof next to Tucker, growling angrily as she did.

    “Night slash!” the man ordered. Murkrow’s wing glowed purple and it dashed forward at Glaceon.

    “Glaceon, use ice shard!” Tucker said. Glaceon yelled and sprayed a cold mist into the air in front of her. Shards of ice formed and then flashed forward at the charging Murkrow, which couldn’t take the multiple blows and crashed into the roof. It skidded to a stop right in front of Glaceon, who fired an ice beam at its wings. Unable to move, the man in black recalled Murkrow.

    “Get out of my way, kid. These Eevee are too valuable for me to just give up,” the man said.

    “Those are our Eevee. You can’t just steal them!” Tucker said. He ran at the man, but the man pulled out another poke ball and sent out the Pokémon inside. A Rhydon appeared in front of him and growled menacingly at Tucker.

    “Unless you want to deal with my friend here, you’ll leave me alone,” the man in black said.

    Tucker noticed that an Eevee was making its way out of the sack again. ‘Gotta try and keep him from noticing,’ Tucker thought. “Glaceon, use ice beam!” Tucker said.

    “Stone edge!” the man in black ordered. Stones shot up from the ground just as Glaceon fired the ice beam. Several of them flew into the beam, knocking it off course, while the others struck Glaceon and knocked off of the roof. She landed with a gasp of pain and after a moment tried to get up, but was too hurt to do so.

    “I win,” the man in black said smugly. “Rhydon, keep an eye on him. Tropius, get that Eevee!” He opened another poke ball and a Tropius appeared on the ground below. It began flapping it’s leaf-like wings, creating a gust around the ring-eared Eevee and preventing it from running.

    The man looked back at Tucker. “Nice meetin’ yah, kid. But I got a date with a big paycheck. Rhydon, return!” Rhydon disappeared in beam of red light and the man jumped down to the ground. Tucker ran after him.

    “Kid, you’re getting on my nerves,” the man said. By this time, the escaping Eevee (it was the one with the dot on her forehead) had gotten her front legs out of the pouch and was struggling to get the rest of the way out. Tucker ran up to the man who was walking towards Tropius. He was acting as if he had fully expected Tucker to stay back and wasn’t even paying attention to him. Therefore, Tucker was able to grab the Eevee and pull her out of the sack. The man turned around angrily at feeling the sudden move.

    “Dang it, kid!” the man said angrily. “You’re really-” He stopped and looked up as suddenly the wailing of sirens became audible. He scowled and glared at Tucker. “You’re lucky you get to keep these two, kid. Tropius, let’s get out of here!” He turned around and jumped onto Tropius’ back. The Pokémon began flapping its wings, and while Tucker tried to grab on the powerful winds were too much for him and he was swept back. He could only watch in horror as the man flew away, taking the sack with four Eevee cubs away.
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    Chapter 2, Part 1: Blast Off

    Tucker zipped his duffle bag closed and slung it over his back. Glaceon watched in silence with her head in her paws. She moved her eyes. Her head stayed put against her paws. Next to her, the two last Eevee siblings looked between her and Tucker.

    “I’ll find them,” Tucker said. “I promise.”

    “Gle-see-glae-see?” Glaceon asked. How will you find them?

    “Search the black market, I guess,” Tucker said. “That has to be where he’d take them. He said he was going to sell them, and the only place he could such a thing is somewhere illegitimate. Black market is the best place I can think of.”

    “Eev-ee-ee-vee-eev?” asked the ring-eared Eevee. Tucker thought for a moment trying to remember how to understand Eevees. He was pretty sure it had something to do about the police.

    “I can’t just sit around and do nothing,” he said. “I’ve got to find them.”

    “Glae-gle-glaceon-see,” Glaceon said. Then I’m coming too.

    “I know this is going to sound unfair, but no,” Tucker said. When Glaceon gave him a pained look, he said, “Mom and Dad are going to freak when they find me gone. They’ll need someone to explain where I am. Also, you’ve got two Eevee still you need to look after. And finally, if that man sees you he might guess we’re looking for him. I’m sorry, Glaceon, but you’ve got to stay.”

    Glaceon sighed and shut her eyes. He saw tiny beads of tears form at her eyes. Tucker hung his head and after a moment walked over to her and crouched down. He petted her slowly. “Don’t worry. They’ll be fine. And I’ll get them back.” He looked at the clock. It was time to go.

    “Gle-glacy. Seon,” Glaceon said. Be safe. Please.

    “Of course,” Tucker said. He stood up and looked at the two Eevee cubs. “You two be good to your mom. I’ll see you guys soon. Glaceon, tell Mom and Dad I’m sorry I’m doing this, and that I’ll be fine. I’m fourteen. I can handle this. My message says as much, but they’ll need reassurance.”

    Tucker turned around and opened his window. He crept out silently and used the tree to get down to the ground. He took one last look up at the window and saw Glaceon and the two Eevee cubs watching him. With a quick wave goodbye, he turned around and began jogging in the direction of Harston City. It was a couple hours drive, but a two day journey on foot he had figured. He was absolutely sure he would find the four Eevee cubs there, because in the southern district was a Team Rocket headquarters, making that area the center of the local black market.

    It wasn’t long before Tucker reached the edge of Aspentwig Town. Being such a small town, it could be crossed on foot in two hours. However, from there to Harston was nothing but open range, the most direct route to the city being miles of dirt road. It was going to be a long trip, unless of course Tucker was lucky enough to hitchhike. That wasn’t going to happen most likely of course. Most cars preferred to take the longer (but paved) route that first went to Dengo and then Harston.

    It was a long night, and when day finally came he was exhausted. He spotted an outcropping of boulders and headed over to it. Once he found a smooth spot that kept him hidden from the road he pulled the small sleeping bag he had stuffed into his duffle bag and rolled it out. He had a feeling it would be too warm to stay inside, so he just laid down on top of it and fell asleep almost instantly.

    __ __ __

    When Tucker came out of the tunnel, he found himself surrounded by tall buildings. He barely cared to look around him though. He had underestimated how much food he would need on the trip and was starving. The only thing his eyes were trained for were restaurants. When he spotted one, he dashed for it.

    Tucker threw open the doors to the eatery only to stop a moment later. He looked around him, suddenly wary of where and what he had gotten himself into. ‘I didn’t think I’d find them this easily,’ Tucker thought. In his overwhelming hunger, he had not even paid attention to what the restaurant was. Now that he was surrounded by members of team Rocket though, he saw on the menu the name ‘Rocket Café.’ He had walked into the heart of one of Team Rocket’s own businesses.

    “Kid looks like he’s about to collapse,” someone said, chuckling as he did.

    “I think he’s a bit more scared,” a woman said. “Are you lost, kiddo?” She giggled.

    Tucker tried to clear his throat but he couldn’t think of anything to say. He scanned the gangsters quickly, hoping he wouldn’t find the man who had come to his house. He was sure now that the man had been part of Team Rocket. The symbol on his shirt had been red, and since the only uniform Tucker could think of that fit that description was Team Rocket’s, he had to be part of them. If the man saw him, he doubted he would be able to get the Eevee cubs back.

    “Can I get some food?” Tucker finally asked.

    “Go to the counter kid,” someone said.

    “Yeah, we’re not the waiters,” another said.

    Tucker nodded and walked up to the counter where a teenage girl in Team Rocket’s uniform sat blowing bubble gum. Her eyes were on him and she seemed irritated that he was going to order from her.

    “Could I get some rice rolls?” Tucker asked. “As many as this will cover.” He slid some money across the counter.

    The girl looked at the money with little interest. “Whatever,” she said. She bent her head backwards and yelled, “Hey, Max! Six rice rolls!” She looked back at Tucker and gestured to the tables. “Go take a seat. They’ll come out soon.”

    “Sure,” Tucker said meekly. He turned around and looked for an empty table but saw none. He also noticed that all of the gangsters were still looking at him. ‘Please don’t mug me,’ Tucker thought.

    Finally Tucker saw one of the tables had only one person at it, and he was sleeping. Quickly and quietly, Tucker went over to it and sat down, taking care not to disturb the gangster across from him. He noticed that once he sat down all of the gangsters seemed to lose interest in him and look away. Except for one, of course.

    “Kid, what are you doing here?” a gangster asked from the next table.

    Tucker jumped in surprise, as he hadn’t seen that member of Team Rocket. He was sitting by himself as well, but he was leaning over his chair in Tucker’s direction with his glaring eyes locked on him.

    “I’m, uh… I’m looking for a place to buy some Eevees,” he said.

    The grunt smirked. “A kid your age? You don’t look like the kind who comes to this type of area. Or deals with guys like us.”

    “There’s a first for everyone,” Tucker said, trying not to make eye contact with the grunt. “So, do you know of somewhere?”

    The grunt thought for a moment. “Well, Eevee are rare Pokémon, so they’ll be expensive. I know one of our guys got a bunch yesterday. Stole them from some house out in Aspentwig.” He laughed. “A whole bunch of them. That house must have been rolling in rare Pokémon. Wish he’d tell us where the house was.”

    “Can you tell me where he is? How many does he have?” Tucker asked.

    “None,” the grunt said. “Sorry, but you’re out of luck, kid.”

    “Do you know who he sold them to?” Tucker asked desperately.

    “Nobody yet, as far as I know,” the grunt said.

    “Then what happened to the Eevees?” Tucker asked, getting scared now.

    The grunt laughed at Tucker’s disposition. He must have assumed he was getting anxious to buy the Eevee cubs, because he said, “As far as I know, they’re fine. He made em’ more useful, I can tell you that. Evolved every last one of them. Can you believe it?”

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    Thanks Midnight. Glad to hear its enjoyable.

    Chapter 2, Part 2: When Push Comes to Shove

    Tucker stared up at the large tower, shuddering in fear as he did. Inside somewhere were the Eevees… or whatever they had been evolved into. He could barely imagine what it was like for them in there, in the clutches of the most ruthless gang in all of Leytle. Tucker had heard horror stories of Pokémon rescued from some of Team Rocket’s deals. They were almost always malnourished, scared, depressed, and desperate. He had a friend back in Aspentwig whose family had received a Psyduck that had been rescued from Team Rocket. Fortunately, it was a happy and cheerful Pokémon now, but he remembered how it had been the day they got it. It was thin and reclusive. It shied away from any human contact and even to this day was still claustrophobic.

    ‘I can’t let that happen to them,’ Tucker thought. With a sigh to try and calm his emotions, he began walking for the door. He grabbed it and yanked, only to find it locked. He tried again and again, rattling the door against its frame. “Hey! Open up!” he shouted. He kept on trying even though there was no response. After several minutes of keeping it up, though, he stopped and put his back to the door, sliding down it to the ground. Of course, that was when someone yanked the door open and caused him to fall backwards.

    “Can’t you read?” the girl asked who had opened the door. “We close at six. Come back at eight in the morning when we reopen.”

    Tucker got to his feet quickly and glared at the girl for an instant. But only for an instant, as he found himself caught off guard by the girl’s startling good looks. “Um, uh…” he stammered.

    “Are you illiterate and deaf?” the girl asked. “Come back in the morning.”

    “I want to see the evolved Eevees!” Tucker said quickly, and perhaps a bit loudly.

    “Oh, those four Yu-sen brought in?” the girl asked.

    “Yes,” Tucker responded.

    The girl pointed to something next to Tucker and he looked. It was a sign with the listed business hours of the Team Rocket Pokémon Exchange. “Eight in the morning. Those four aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. You can wait.”

    “I don’t care. I just want to see them now,” Tucker said. “Please?”

    The girl sighed and rolled her eyes. “You really don’t look like a kid who could afford these four, you know.”

    “Let me see them,” Tucker said.

    “You’re not going to go away, are you?” the girl asked. She breathed out angrily. “Fine. But you better be quiet. I’m not supposed to let anyone in after hours. If you’re spotted, my job here is out. So be quiet, or I’ll make you regret it. Got it?”

    Tucker nodded. He was not about to jeopardize his chances to see the Eevees. He walked into the building once the girl stepped aside. And, despite her being part of Team Rocket, he even said, “Thanks.”

    “Shut up,” the girl said. “Come on.” She led him to an elevator and pressed the up button. While they waited, she asked, “So how do you plan to pay for these four?”

    “Um, my parents are rich. If they like what I say about them, they’ll hand me the money,” Tucker said.

    The girl eye him suspiciously. “You look like you’ve been out in the wild for days, you know that? Your clothes are dirty and you haven’t tidied up. I have trouble believing you come from a wealthy family.”

    “I don’t lavish in my parents’ lifestyle,” Tucker replied.

    The girl shrugged. “Whatever.” The elevator arrived and they got in. The girl said, “Sixth floor,” once the doors shut and the elevator began moving. It moved quickly and within seconds they were had arrived. When the doors opened, Tucker grimaced. The elevator opened onto a hallway, but instead of doors at periodic points in it, the walls were lined with cages all filled with Pokémon. Many of them were asleep, others were in the back of their cages as miserable as could be.

    “They look horrible,” Tucker couldn’t help saying.

    “It costs money to keep constant food for all of these things,” the girl said. “We give them enough to stay alive. Come on.” They walked a ways down the hall. Tucker tried not to look at all of the horrid sights of suffering Pokémon, but he couldn’t help it. In one cage a mighty Tyranitar sat with its eyes half shut and drool hanging from its hanging jaws. It had none of the ferocity Tucker expected in such a titan. In another cage a Roserade lay on the ground. Instead of bright, vivid flowers, it had only brown withered petals on its hands.

    “This is wrong,” Tucker muttered.

    “Would you mind sparing me the sorrow?” the girl asked. “I see these things every day. I’m quite aware of their conditions.”

    “Why don’t you do something then?” Tucker asked.

    “Look around you. There are six hundred and forty-four Pokémon in here. What could I possibly ever do to make their lives better except try and get them to someplace better?” she asked. “Now shut up. The four you want are over here. Yu-sen decided to put them all together.”

    Tucker rushed ahead of the girl even though she protested against it with a quick yell. He scanned the cages quickly for whichever of them held an evolved form of an Eevee. He spotted the tail of a Flareon not far away and rushed to it.

    “Guys!” Tucker shouted. Immediately the Flareon turned around and saw Tucker. Beneath it a Leafeon looked up at Tucker, and next to the Leafeon were a Vaporeon and a Jolteon. As soon as the four realized who it was they were staring at, they jumped at the bars and reached out with their paws to get to Tucker. He eagerly grasped each of their paws in turn. “I found you guys. I found you,” he said.

    “You aren’t looking to buy these Pokémon, are you?” the girl said. When Tucker looked back at her, she was smirking. “I have a feeling you already know them.”

    “How’d you guess?” Tucker asked sarcastically. He stood up and faced the girl. “Those are my Pokémon, and you thugs stole them from me. Give them back now!”

    “You and what army?” the girl asked. “You aren’t a trainer. You’ve got nothing to fight with. I, on the other hand, have these guys.” She revealed two poke balls on her belt and opened them both. In front of her a Gengar and a Noctowl appeared, and both growled at the sight of Tucker.

    Tucker backed away from the duo towards the cages. He looked down at the four cubs. ‘Maybe they can battle,’ he thought. “Jolteon, use thundershock,” he said.

    Jolteon growled and her fur went rigid as electricity sparkled on her. Just as she was about to discharge the attack, though, the cage suddenly lit up and an intense heat began radiating from it. Jolteon howled in pain from the searing heat and collapsed to the floor of her cage once it stopped.

    “Stupid kid,” the girl said. “Do you really think these Pokémon would just stay in here without security precautions? The moment any of them try to attack, they precautions kick in and end their attacks.”

    Tucker looked at Jolteon desperately. “I’m sorry,” he muttered. He looked back at the girl. “I’m not leaving without them.”

    “Actually, you are. Noctowl, use hypn-” she began but stopped as a rattling sounded above them. They both looked up just as a roof tile broke away and two brown shapes fell to the floor. When Tucker saw what had arrived, he could not believe it. In front of him were the last two Eevee cubs, the one with a dot on her forehead and the one with rings around his ears.

    “Guys!” Tucker exclaimed. “What are you doing here?”

    “Ee-eevee-ee-eev,” the ring-eared Eevee said. Something about following.

    “How sweet,” the girl said. “But two new cubs aren’t going to help. All you’ve done is given Team Rocket two new Pokémon to sell.”

    Tucker knew she was right. The Eevee cubs stood no chance against either of her Pokémon. Battling would do nothing except get the Eevee cubs hurt. There was something else they’d have to do.

    “Guys, tackle the cages and get your siblings out!” Tucker said. Even as he said it he turned around and began kicking at Vaporeon’s cage. The casing was tough, but he quickly bent it, and once there was enough of gap between the door and the cage, he gripped it and began ripping it off.
    “Cut it out,” the girl said. “Noctowl, use peck.”

    The Noctowl hooted and then dashed forward at Tucker. He tried to avoid its beak and, while the first peck missed, the others following it hit him on the back and shoulders. They were painful and the powerful force behind them was enough to push Tucker away from the cage.

    Meanwhile, the Eevee cubs had begun ramming themselves against the cage doors, and like Tucker they were able to bend them in, but nothing else. Eventually, the girl just said, “Gengar, use hypnosis.” The Gengar chuckled and its eyes glowed red. A moment later, both Eevees dropped to the ground fast asleep.

    “You’re annoying,” the girl said. “Noctowl, let him up.”

    Noctowl stepped away from Tucker. He got to his feet once he realized the attack had ended. However, the next moment the girl advanced on him and grabbed the front of his shirt in an iron grip. She pulled him close to her face. “You’re lucky nobody heard that little fiasco of yours, numbskull. I could have lost my job. But, since nobody did, you are now my prisoner, and I’m taking you to the boss as a thief breaking into our base. He’ll have the best idea of what to do with you.”

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    Chapter 2, Part 3: Meet the Boss

    “Giselle. What brings you here?”

    The girl, whose name was apparently Giselle, had brought Tucker up to the top floor of Team Rocket’s base. Her Noctowl and Gengar had carried the two sleeping Eevees with them. Once they had exited the elevator, Giselle had brought Tucker down the hall to a set of double doors, in front of which stood two grunt guards. The one on the right was the one that had spoken when they got close.

    “A little thief,” Giselle responded. “He tried to steal the four Eevee evolutions Yu-sen brought in.”

    The grunts chuckled. “And you’re concerning the boss with this? Take him to the roof and toss him off. The boss is likely to say just as much.”

    Tucker flinched at the mention of being thrown off of the roof. He glanced between the three Rockets and fortunately only detected humor in their eyes. Still, with gangsters like them, perhaps throwing someone off of a roof was funny.

    “The kid is resourceful,” Giselle said. “He got in here pretty easy. His two Eevee snuck in undetected too.”

    Tucker frowned. “Wait, you-” he began but Giselle stomped on his foot causing him to hiss in pain.

    “Shut up, thief,” she spat.

    “You’re one to talk for being a part of Team Rocket,” Tucker responded.
    Giselle rolled her eyes. “Anyways, I want to see if the boss is interested in taking the two Eevees. And maybe making some use of this thief.”

    The grunt on the right laughed. “Oh fine. Whatever. I’ll see if he wants to speak with you.” He turned around and opened the door enough for him to poke his head in. Tucker heard him speaking but he could not make out what was being said. After a bit the grunt pulled his head out of the door and pushed it open. “Go ahead,” he said.

    Giselle shoved Tucker forward and beckoned for her Pokémon to follow them. Tucker walked inside and, once all of them were inside, the door shut behind them. He looked around. The room was like a normal office, though a bit more brightly colored. The walls were orange and the rug was a dark maroon. There were a few photos of Pokémon on the walls and a couple of decorative plants in the corners. At the back of the room was a large desk covered in papers. Behind the desk was a tall, thin man who looked like he was in his late forties, maybe early fifties. His hair was brown with traces of gray beginning to form, though he had obviously been using hair dye to hide this. He wore a bright orange business suit with a green shirt and red tie underneath.

    “Mr. Giovanni,” Giselle said, performing a quick bow.

    “Giselle. What brought you to bother me at this time?” Giovanni said. His face seemed to be shaped into a constant scowl.

    “I captured a thief breaking in trying to steal the Eevee evolutions Yu-sen brought in,” Giselle explained. “He brought a couple of new Eevees. I was wondering what you’d like to do with them.”

    “How did he get in?” Giovanni asked.

    “They used the air vents. So he somehow got past the security triggers on the roof,” Giselle explained.

    Tucker glanced at Giselle. Why was she lying about how he got in? Was it just to keep her from looking bad for allowing him to get in? Probably. After how much she had complained about him getting her in trouble if they were spotted, that seemed like a good explanation.

    Giovanni didn’t respond right away. “What’s your name, boy?” he asked.

    “Tucker,” Tucker said. “And I want my Pokémon back, you thief.”

    Giovanni’s scowl vanished for a moment to be replaced by a smug sneer. “And so you decide to break in? No matter how creative your methods of entering are, I’ve got the police in this city under my control. If I wanted to, I could have them here in five minutes. And guess who would be the thief. You. Even if you explained my men had stolen your Pokémon, they wouldn’t care. So long as I keep them paid, they won’t dare lift a finger against me.”

    Tucker glowered. “Just give me my Pokémon back, and I’ll be on my way.”

    Giovanni actually laughed. “What, and lose all the money those four could bring in? Those are rare Pokémon, Mr. Tucker. I’m not going to just let them go because they’re yours.” He pressed his fingers together. “Now, what to do with you? Your Eevees, obviously I’ll just add to the collection. Let them be with their friends.” He chuckled. “But as for you… you were able to break in here undetected. You’ve got skills, Mr. Tucker. Hmm…” He shut his eyes and sat in thought for a moment. Then a smile came to his face. “I’ll make you a deal, Mr. Tucker.”

    Tucker frowned. “I haven’t exactly lived my life dealing with crooks.”

    “Obviously not. But still. I’m giving you three choices. You can leave here, in the custody of the Harston authorities, and go to juvenile hall for a couple years. Or, you can get the money together to buy your precious Pokémon back. Or… you can join Team Rocket.”

    “Why would I do that?” Tucker asked.

    “Because, you’ll get all six of your Pokémon back, free of charge,” Giovanni said, smirking as he did.

    Tucker’s mouth fell open slightly. As much as he did not want to, he suddenly began considering the offer. If it would get the Eevees, Jolteon, Vaporeon, Flareon, and Leafeon back that easily… maybe it was worth considering. He hung his head after a moment. “I’m listening,” he said.
    Giovanni’s smile grew broader. “If you agree to join us, you’ll get all of your Pokémon back. You’ll take orders from me and my officers, doing whatever we want you to do. You’ll be monitored at all times as well, until we feel you are trustworthy to let off on your own.”

    Anything they wanted him to do. That meant he’d be stealing Pokémon from other people. He’d be committing crimes on a regular basis. And just so he could his Pokémon back. Was it-

    Tucker shook his head slightly to clear it of thoughts. ‘Don’t think about it,’ he thought. ‘If you do, you’ll turn around and let him send you to the police. And you’ll probably get pulled into Team Rocket through juvenile hall, and then you won’t have the Pokémon. Not that you’ll care, I’m sure. If you think about it, that’s what’s going to happen. Just say yes.’
    Tucker sighed. “I can’t believe I’m asking this, but how’s the paycheck?”

    __ __ __

    “I can’t believe I’m getting assigned to you,” Giselle spat angrily. “Why do I have to babysit the baby? Here’s your blasted shirt.” She threw it over the stall.

    They were in some kind of locker room, and Tucker was in one of the changing stalls. He had not started to put on the uniform yet. So far, he had just been sitting on a bench staring dead-eyed at it. It wasn’t like the grunt uniforms, which were black. This one was dark red. The boots, gloves, and belt were black, but the shirt and pants were dark red. However, the insignia was the same, a bright red R proudly emblazoned on the front of the shirt.

    “I don’t even see what the boss sees in you,” Giselle continued. “You’re weak and pathetic. And there’s no way he believes that story I told him. He’s got cameras all over the place which would have told him the truth. What worth does he see in someone as pathetic as you?”

    Tucker sighed and began undressing, but he didn’t say anything. He was too lost in thought to do so. He had never imagined he would be in such a situation. Here he was, a brand new member of the most notorious gang throughout Leytle. Somehow, he had ended up on the path to becoming a criminal. He doubted there was a way to escape. Giovanni had stated he was always going to be watched, until they decided to trust him. That was a joke. He knew Giovanni did not trust any of his employees. Criminals were dishonest, and dishonest people could only be trusted to do one thing: be dishonest. Giovanni surely had not gotten to where he was by trusting in anyone. There was never going to be a moment where he would not be watched.

    “You’re such a softy, too,” Giselle said, never ending her rant. “You probably come from some family that’s trained you be a good boy and not break the rules, but as soon as you think a couple of Pokémon are in trouble you dump everything you were taught. You’re smart to do so, I’ll give you that, but you’re a wimp to cave in. And now here you are letting me say whatever I darn well want about you, and you won’t even stand up for yourself.”

    “I get the point,” Tucker said finally. “I don’t care, so just shut up.” He had gotten everything on except the shirt. With disgust filling his gut, he pulled the shirt over his head. Once it was on though, he made a point of not looking down. He was not going to let himself see that cursed symbol on him.

    “You don’t care because you can’t do anything about it,” Giselle said. “You cannot stand up for yourself. You’ll never get above being a grunt if you stay like this.”

    Tucker opened the locker and glared at Giselle. “Who says I want to become a grunt? I just want my Pokémon.”

    Giselle rolled her eyes. “You’re a broken record. ‘I want my Pokémon. I want my Pokémon.’ Fine, come along. They’ve already been set out of their cages for you. They sure were grateful little punks. They all tried to attack the grunts letting them out.”

    “Good,” Tucker said.

    “Of course, that got them hurt since the grunts fought back with their Pokémon,” Giselle said snidely. “They’re okay now, but they got a pretty good beating.”

    “Just shut up,” Tucker said. “Where are they?”

    Giselle sighed again. “Come on,” she said and turned around. She led him to the elevator and they took it to another floor. Tucker didn’t take note of which one, only that it was near the bottom. He still felt drained of energy with the realization he was now a part of a criminal gang.

    The elevator arrived and they got out. Tucker realized then they must have arrived in a basement level, because this room was much too big to fit on a single floor. But he guessed its purpose right away: it was a training gym. Everything someone would need to learn how to be a thief was in here. Ropes, fake roofs and air ducts, laser-protected items, and all sorts of other training equipment. But his eyes did not stay trained on them for long. When he saw the two Eevees, Jolteon, Vaporeon, Flareon, and Leafeon all in the center of the room, his attention focused solely on them. With a smile finally appearing on his face, he dashed forward to them. As soon as they saw him, they did the same.

    “Guys!” Tucker shouted. He dropped to his knees and skidded to a stop with the group. They crowded around him happily and began pouncing playfully, eventually pushing him onto his back. He could only laugh and ruffle their fur as they bounced around and on top of him. They were just as happy to see him as he was them.

    After a bit, the six Pokémon calmed down a bit and Tucker was able to sit up. He petted them for a moment before asking, “Are you guys okay?” The six all responded at the same time with a sharp nod. “That’s good. I’m sorry I wasn’t here for you guys sooner.”

    It was Vaporeon who took note of Tucker’s uniform first. His eyes dropped down to the insignia for a moment before saying, “Vape- eon- peon, vaporeon, vapor?” Something about ‘wearing that.’ Tucker guessed Vaporeon wanted to know why he was in a Team Rocket uniform.

    Tucker sighed. “Because they recruited me. I joined, so I could get you guys back and free of those cages.”

    The six became quiet suddenly. They stared at him questioningly, and finally the Eevee with a dot on her forehead said, “Vee-ee-eev?” Aren’t they bad? Tucker was pretty sure that was what she had said.

    “Of course,” he said. “A bunch of crooks a criminals. They’re the ones that stole you four and were going to steal you two. But I didn’t want them selling you to someone else, so I did the only thing I could do to get you back.”

    “Eev,” she responded. Okay.

    “Eon-flareon-flare,” Flareon said. Tucker was pretty sure he had said, It seems wrong.

    “Maybe,” Tucker said. He lowered his voice. “We’ll find a way to escape. But at least we’re together now.” He stopped whispering. “Besides, this is coming from the one who did everything he could to disobey Glaceon and me?” He grinned playfully. Flareon smiled back.

    “Okay, okay, enough playing around,” Giselle said. At the sound of her voice the six Pokémon suddenly faced her and began growling. They did not stop until Tucker hushed them. “Giovanni wants you to start training. So these are going to the sidelines, and you’re going up there.” She pointed up the rope, which led to a ledge twenty feet in the air.

    Tucker looked back at the Pokémon. “Okay, guys. Let’s do what we’re told until we can get out.”

    The Pokémon nodded in unison and then stood up and turned around. Tucker stood up as well and then looked at the rope. He grimaced at the height. This was going to be tough.

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    Great addition. When you finish this story, I would love to have a word document or a PDF of the whole thing.
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    Maybe. I'll think about it. I'm usually very careful with who I distribute the original work of my stories too, what with how likely it is to run into someone wanting to file a lawsuit. I'm not saying you will, but I don't know who to trust, especially over the internet.

    Anyways, to continue, here's the longest addition to the story thus far. On Microsoft Word it takes up thirteen pages.

    Chapter 3, Part 1: Shades

    Tucker could not believe he had made it. He felt terrible, but he had managed. If he had been asked even a week ago if he thought he would be scaling a forty foot tall rock wall with no ropes to support him, he would have said they were crazy. Yet, here he was, on the platform on top of the rock climbing wall. He was bent over with his hands on his knees, desperately trying to regain his breath, but he had made it. Down below his Pokémon cheered for him.

    It was only the third day of training, and since it had begun Tucker had yet to have a moment’s rest besides sleeping. From the moment he woke up to when he was finally allowed to go to bed, he was kept to a vigorous training schedule. So far though, it had only been to see what he could do. Team Rocket had not yet had him work with his Pokémon yet.

    “Not bad, Tucker,” Giselle commented from below. “You could use some improvement time-wise, but overall not bad. Now get down here.”

    “Are there stairs somewhere?” Tucker asked.

    Giselle laughed mockingly. “No, stupid. Just climb down. It’s easier than going up.”

    Tucker took a few more moments of heavy breathing before stepping towards the edge. He turned around and lowered himself onto the rock-shaped handholds. His arms were shaking now and they felt weak, but he was not about to let himself fall. Even with the soft mats below, falling from this height would really, really hurt. But, after a couple of minutes of navigating his way down, he felt it was a short enough drop that he let go. He twisted sideways in the air and rolled upon his landing, transferring his momentum and leaving him unharmed, just as he had been taught.

    “At least you’ve got the rolling down to a science,” Giselle taunted.

    “And at least you’ve got being a nag down to a science,” Tucker replied.

    “That was supposed to be a compliment,” Giselle said. “You know, for someone who comes from a goody-good family like you, you sure know how to be a jerk.”

    “Oh so sorry,” Tucker said sarcastically. “I forgot gangs were nice groups to hang out with where we could all sit and have tea and cookies every day. How mean of me.”

    “Then you’re admitting you’re giving into the criminal mentality,” Giselle said, smirking.

    “In your dreams,” Tucker said. “Just because I come from being a law-abider doesn’t mean I’m going to treat people like you as anything more than the scum you are.”

    Someone cleared his throat behind Tucker, causing him to turn around. He was shocked to find himself dwarfed by the newcomer. His head only reached the person’s chest. Even stranger was the person was dressed in a red training suit also, and when Tucker looked at his face, the guy could not have been much older than him.

    “Last I checked, we weren’t the only ones wearing the uniform,” the boy said, leaning down so he was at eye level with Tucker. His voice did not indicate malice but rather amusement.

    “Hi Ben,” Giselle said.

    “Hi Giselle. What are you doing in this neck of the woods?” the boy asked, standing up to full height.

    “Training the new guy,” Giselle said in a depressed tone.

    “Well, we can always take him off your hands if you want,” Ben said.

    “If you want to go against the boss’s orders, then by all means do,” Giselle said.

    Ben nodded. “Ah. Got it.” He looked back at Tucker. “What’s your name, new guy?”

    “Tucker,” Tucker responded. “Your name is Ben?”

    “Only people who have my respect can call me by my name,” Ben said. “Until you accomplish that, however, you can call me Shades.”

    Tucker could not help smirking, though he tried to hold it back. “Why Shades?” he asked.

    “He never goes outside without his sunglasses,” Giselle said. “And sometimes he even wears them inside. So everyone has called him Shades since he got here, and he likes the name, so he prefers it. The only reason I can call him by his name is, as he said, I’ve earned his respect.”

    “And don’t forget it, Tuck,” Shades said. “Next time you call me Ben, you’ll be on the ground in a headlock. I won’t hurt you too much though.” He smirked.

    “Um, okay, Shades,” Tucker said.

    “Good. So, it looks like you and me are on the same team, Tuck,” Shades said.

    “It does?” Tucker asked.

    “Your uniform,” Giselle said. “There are two training uniforms. There’s the red, which you’ve got, and the blue. Each one indicates which team you are on.”

    “And what’s the point of the teams?” Tucker asked.

    Shades smirked. “How long has he been here, Giselle?”

    “This is his third day,” Giselle said.

    “About as new as can be,” Shades remarked. “He knows nothing.” He took a deep breath. “Tuck, the two teams compete for one purpose: of becoming fully fledged members of Team Rocket. See, you may have become a trainee, but you can’t do anything even regular grunts can do. You can’t go on missions, you aren’t allowed to take days off, and everyone can give you orders. Giovanni wants to make sure we’re worth having the privileges of a grunt, so he’s got the two teams competing for that privilege. Now, it is possible for both teams to become full members, but that’s rare. So, if you want to be a real member of Team Rocket, you’ve got to win.”

    Tucker nodded. “And what if I don’t want to win?”

    Shades smirked and looked at Giselle for a moment and then back at Tucker. “Well, then you’ll get repercussions. Not from your superiors, not really. You’ll just be put through more training until you pass. But you will get it from the rest of your team, and that includes me. See, if you don’t put in the effort, then that affects the rest of us. And we want to win.”

    Tucker shrugged. “So? I don’t plan on staying here forever anyways. I’ll be free of this place someday.”

    Shades’ smirk faltered a bit. “Then why are you here?” he asked.

    “Because he broke in here, trying to free his Pokémon that one of our guys stole from him,” Giselle said. “I caught him, and Giovanni wanted him to become a part of the team. In exchange, Tucker here gets to keep his Pokémon.”

    Shades looked around and spotted Tucker’s Pokémon. “That’s them? They don’t look very tough. Why did you waste your time trying to break into here for the likes of them?”

    Tucker glowered. “Because they belong to me and my family. And I care for them in ways a criminal like you wouldn’t understand.”

    Shades sighed. “You talk tough for a new guy. I guess you haven’t learned your place yet. I’ll put you there then.”

    Tucker’s hands clenched into fists as he readied himself for what he thought was going to be a fight. However, Shades just turned around and walked across the room. “How about it, Tuck? A battle, six on six.”

    Tucker looked back at his Pokémon. They were so young still. He could not pit them into battle yet, could he? However, at the mention of a battle all six of them had suddenly seemed invigorated. “You guys want to battle?” he asked. The team nodded all at the same time.

    Tucker nodded. “Okay. Shades, I accept your challenge.”

    “Good. Hopefully you’ll be a bit more of a challenge than the other guys on our team. I doubt it, but we’ll see,” Shades said. He drew a poke ball off of his belt and threw it, yelling, “Dunsparce! Lead the charge!” as he did. The poke ball opened and the yellow and blue, snake-like Pokémon appeared in a flash of light.

    “Alright,” Tucker said. He looked at his Pokémon, which had walked up behind him. “Um, let’s see… Jolteon, let’s go.” Jolteon nodded and she leaped out in front of Tucker, electricity bristling on her fur.

    “Giselle, would you mind being ref?” Shades asked.

    “Sure, Ben,” Giselle responded. She walked to the side the battlefield. “This battle will be a six-on-six battle. No withdrawals except in the case of a Pokémon being defeated. The winner is decided when all of the opponent’s Pokémon are unable to battle. Begin!”

    “Dunsparce, use glare!” Shades ordered. Dunsparce reared up and looked Jolteon directly in the eyes. A moment later energy flew from its eyes and into Jolteon’s, who suddenly froze as if in complete terror.

    “Jolteon, use thundershock,” Tucker said. However, Jolteon did not move. She just remained rigid. “Jolteon, what’s wrong?”

    “Glare paralyzes a Pokémon, Tuck,” Shades said. “It induces a huge level of fear, and a Pokémon can’t move under its influence. Now, Dunsparce, use rollout!” Dunsparce hissed and leaped forward. Before it hit the ground it rolled into a disk and spun straight into Jolteon. Jolteon yelped and was knocked to the side.

    “Are you okay, Jolteon?!” Tucker asked. Jolteon jumped to her feet and nodded. She seemed to be over her paralysis. “Okay. Then thundershock!”

    “Dunsparce, come around for another hit!” Shades ordered. Dunsparce stopped and spun around. It jumped into a disk and began rolling at Jolteon. However, Jolteon unleashed her attack then and the bolts of electricity struck Dunsparce. The snake hissed in pain but kept on coming at Jolteon.

    “Jolteon, dodge!” Tucker shouted. Jolteon leaped out of the way of the oncoming attack. Dunsparce passed and then uncoiled.
    “Use rage, Dunsparce!” Shades said. Dunsparce hissed and leapt forward at Jolteon, opening its gaping mouth and revealing its large fangs. Jolteon dodged away from the attack but Dunsparce kept coming.

    “Jolteon, use sand attack! Try to blind it!” Tucker said. Jolteon leaped as far away from Dunsparce as she could and then began kicking sand directly into Dunsparce’s eyes. Dunsparce hissed in pain and stopped its attack. “Now, use thundershock again!” Tucker shouted. Jolteon yelled and lightning flew from her fur. Dunsparce did not react in time the bolt struck. Dunsparce hissed and then rolled over onto its back. It was done.

    “Dunsparce is unable to battle! Jolteon is the winner!” Giselle announced.

    “Return, Dunsparce,” Shades said, pointing his poke ball at it. A red beam shot from it and Dunsparce disappeared. “Not bad. But that’s my weakest Pokémon. Let’s go, Onix!” He threw a poke ball and, when it opened, a mammoth Onix appeared. It growled menacingly at the sight of Jolteon.

    Jolteon backed away slightly at the sight of her new opponent. Even Tucker felt intimidated. “Oh boy. Alright, we can do this Jolteon.”

    “Jolty,” Jolteon said, nodding. Right.

    “Use thundershock!” Tucker said.

    Jolteon fired the bolts of electricity at Onix, but strangely it did not move to avoid the attack. The reason became apparent a moment later, when the bolt struck it and had absolutely no effect.

    “You don’t know much about battling, do you?” Shades commented. “Onix is part ground, so electric attacks are not going to have any effect whatsoever. Now I’ll show you why I’m the head of our team. Onix, use bind!” Onix roared and struck forward at Jolteon. Before she could move, Jolteon suddenly found herself in Onix’s coils. She tried to get free, but Onix’s massive strength was too much for her.

    “Jolteon!” Tucker shouted.

    “Now, Onix, use rock throw and throw Jolteon like a rock!” Shades said. Onix roared and reared its coils back. Then in one swift motion it hurled Jolteon into the air. She yelped as she flew, and when she struck the ground she stopped.

    “Jolteon is unable to battle. Onix is the winner!” Giselle said.

    Tucker pulled a poke ball off of his belt. So far, he had avoided putting his Pokémon into them as much as he could. But Jolteon needed a rest he knew, so he pointed the ball at Jolteon. “Jolteon, return. Good job.” The red beam struck Jolteon and she vanished. He looked back at his team. “Leafeon, you want to go?”

    “Lee,” Leafeon said, nodding. He looked uncertain, but he leaped forward anyways.

    “Nice choice. I guess you’re not entirely brainless,” Shades said.

    “I learn fast,” Tucker said. “Leafeon, use razor leaf!” Leafeon nodded and began undulating his body. His leaves glowed and then leaf-like sickles flew from them straight at Onix. They struck it and Onix fell backwards from the attack, roaring in pain.

    “Don’t let it get you down, Onix!” Shades shouted. “Use bind again!” Onix roared and got up. It then struck at Leafeon and wrapped around him.

    “Razor leaf again!” Tucker shouted. Leafeon wiggled as best as he could in Onix’s grasp and began firing leaves along its body. Onix roared in pain and let go of him. “Keep it up!” Tucker shouted. Leafeon nodded and kept firing leaves at Onix. Onix roared with each strike, and eventually it slammed into the ground with its eyes clenched shut.

    “Leafeon is the winner,” Giselle shouted.

    “Return!” Shades said. Once Onix had vanished, he threw another poke ball. “Ekans, go!” The purple snake appeared and hissed angrily at Leafeon. “Use poison sting, and keep it up until that Leafeon is down!” Ekans hissed again and opened its mouth. Purple darts began flying at Leafeon, and when they struck Leafeon yelped loudly.

    “Get away from those! Try and counter with your razor leaf!” Tucker shouted. Leafeon jumped away from the stream of poisonous darts and then began throwing sickle-shaped leaves at the attack as Ekans adjusted. However, the darts were faster and more numerous, so they just ripped through Leafeon’s attack and finally got through to him. They struck him and he went down hard. He tried once to get up but was too weak to do so.

    “Leafeon is unable to battle. Ekans is the winner,” Giselle announced.

    “Good job, Leafeon. Return,” Tucker said. “Let’s go Flareon. Show that Ekans who’s boss.” Flareon nodded happily and leapt forward. He growled menacingly at Ekans, who hissed back in response.

    “Acid attack!” Shades shouted.

    “Use ember, Flareon!” Tucker said at the same moment. Both Pokémon opened their mouths and started yelling. From Ekans’ mouth came a stream of greenish-yellow liquid and from Flareon came a small jet of fire. The two attacks struck, but as a liquid Ekans’ was stronger and pushed forward. The stream struck Flareon quickly, knocking him off of his feet.

    “Now use glare!” Shades shouted.

    “Tackle it, but don’t look into its eyes, Flareon!” Tucker shouted. Flareon got to his feet and put his head down. He ran at Ekans and slammed into the snake, knocking it over. However, as a snake, Ekans recovered quickly and wrapped its body around Flareon.

    “Yes, use bind!” Shades said triumphantly.

    “Ember!” Tucker said. Flareon grimaced in pain as Ekans tightened around him but then opened his mouth and unleashed a jet of fire. Ekans hissed and uncoiled rapidly, pulling away from Flareon.

    “Use poison sting!” Shades shouted. Ekans opened its mouth and fired more poison darts. Still trying to regain his breath from the bind, Flareon did not react in time and was struck. The darts knocked him back and, when he struck the ground, he did not get back up.

    “Ekans wins!” Giselle shouted.

    Tucker grimaced. “Okay Flareon. Good job. Return.” Once Flareon had vanished he looked back at his team. He looked at the female Eevee. “Let’s go. Ekans should already be hurting a bit. Be quick and don’t let it land any hits on you.”

    “Vee!” Eevee said, running forward. Yes.

    “Use quick attack, Eevee!” Tucker said. Eevee practically vanished as she dashed forward at Ekans. The snake Pokémon had barely reacted to Eevee’s disappearance when Eevee struck it. The blow knocked Ekans to the ground and it did not get back up.

    “Ekans is unable to battle. Eevee wins!” Giselle said.

    “Ekans, return,” Shades said and Ekans vanished. “You know, you’re really not bad. But if you can get past this Pokémon, then I’ll be absolutely amazed. Dratini, go!” He threw a poke ball and the Dratini appeared.

    “Whoa!” Tucker could not help but say. “How did you get one of those?”

    “I’ll tell you about it later,” Shades said. “It’s a long story. Dratini, use twister!” It happened fast. Dratini reared its head up and its body began glowing. The next thing Tucker knew, a tornado had appeared in front of it and Eevee was swept up into it. Yelling the whole while, Eevee was tossed aimlessly about. When she was finally thrown away from the twister, she landed with a heavy thud.

    “Eevee is unable to battle. Dratini wins,” Giselle said.

    “Return Eevee. Good job,” Tucker said. Eevee vanished and he looked back at his last two Pokémon. Vaporeon and the ring-eared Eevee. “Okay. Vaporeon, let’s go,” he said. Vaporeon nodded and ran forward.

    “Vape-ee-vae,” he said. Tucker thought he said, I’ve got this.

    “Okay, then,” Tucker said. “Use water gun!” Vaporeon yelled and a jet of water flew from his mouth.

    “Use dragon rage!” Shades commanded. Dratini let loose a high-pitched wail and its body began glowing. A ball of energy appeared at the tip of its head and then shot forward, slamming into Vaporeon’s water gun and continuing on its path.

    “Vaporeon, watch out!” Tucker shouted. Vaporeon, instead of jumping aside, ducked down close to the ground. The attack passed harmlessly over him. “Nice!” Tucker shouted.

    “Fine, you want to play like that?” Shades asked. “Dratini, use thunder wave!” Electricity sparkled from Dratini and then flew forward in a glowing wave. It was too big to avoid, and Vaporeon was struck. Vaporeon grimaced, but he did not go down. However, electricity sparkled over his body. “Now use twister!” Shades shouted. Dratini’s body glowed once more and a raging tornado appeared in front of it. The twister shot forward directly at Vaporeon, who was still in pain from the thunder wave. The twister struck him and, like it had done with Eevee, picked him up off of the ground and tossed him through the air. When he struck the ground finally, he did not get back up.

    “Dratini is the winner,” Giselle shouted.

    “Return, Vaporeon. Nice work,” Tucker said. After Vaporeon disappeared he looked back at the ring-eared Eevee. “Ready for this?” Eevee nodded slowly, eyeing Dratini with caution.

    “Vee-ee-vee-eev-eev,” Eevee said. I’m don’t know about this.
    “Give it a try,” Tucker said. “I bet you’ll be surprised.”

    Eevee nodded and walked forward onto the field. He was still watching Dratini carefully.

    “Your last one,” Shades said. “And your last Eevee did not fair too well. But I’ll give you credit for getting this far. Not too many at our level do. Alright, Dratini, let’s make this fast and use dragon rage. And keep close to the round this time.” Dratini wailed once more and its body glowed. The energy ball appeared at its snout again and fired quickly at Eevee.
    “Use quick attack!” Tucker shouted. Eevee disappeared and dodged the energy ball without problem. He seemed to reappear a moment later next to Dratini as he tackled the dragon Pokémon. He vanished again and appeared on the other side, striking Dratini again.

    “Dratini, twister!” Shades ordered. Once Dratini summoned the tornado, Tucker expected to see Eevee flying up it to his doom. However, after a moment of looking, he did not see Eevee in the storm. When the tornado vanished, he was happy to see Eevee was behind Dratini, waiting patiently. “Watch out, Dratini!” Shades shouted. Dratini spun around, but Eevee tackled it quickly, slamming it onto the ground. Dratini wailed in pain.
    “Alright, Eevee, use quick attack,” Tucker shouted.

    “Dragon rage, quick,” Shades commanded. Dratini summoned the energy ball but did not fire it right away. Eevee vanished as he dashed around to come at Dratini from a different angle, but when he reappeared after moving so fast, Dratini reacted immediately and fired the ball at Eevee. Eevee did not react in time and was struck by the energy blast. The resulting blast was enough to throw Eevee across the field and against a wall with a painful thud.

    “Eevee has been knocked out of the ring and is unable to battle. Dratini and Ben are the winners!” Giselle announced.

    Tucker ran towards Eevee and picked him up off of the ground. “Good job. That was really well done.”

    “Eev-ee?” Eevee asked weakly. It was?

    “Yeah. So have a good rest,” Tucker said. He held the poke ball up to Eevee and he disappeared inside.

    “Not bad,” Shades said, coming up behind Tucker. “It isn’t too often I have to resort to my last Pokémon.”

    Tucker frowned. “Wait, your last? That was only your fourth.”

    Shades turned to his side to patted his belt. On it were only four poke balls. “I always go against a full team. As you can see, that’s the only thing that gives me a challenge.”

    Tucker looked at the belt. “So I almost won?” he asked.

    “Not quite. Dratini had a lot left in him,” Shades said. “Now, you’re coming with me. After a beating like that, your team needs some maintenance. Come on, Tuck.”

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    Bravo! If you would rather not let me have a digital copy,that's cool.
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    It's not a matter of want. If it was just want, I'd say "Hell yes, here you go!" But, with people able to sue because they got their fingers chopped off after lifting up their lawnmowers to trim the top of their hedges...... well, let's just say the ability to sue someone is just too damn easy.

    Anyways, here's the next part. It's not as long as the last one, but still ten pages on Word.

    Chapter 3, Part 2: Blue Team

    The red team had a total of four members, including Tucker and Shades. As Shades had stated, he was the leader of the team, and that was enormously apparent when Tucker met the other two members.

    The first of the two was a boy a year younger than Shades’, about sixteen. His name was Albert. He was about five and a half feet tall with short red hair, turquoise eyes, and a gangly frame. He was thinner than Tucker even, despite being two years older. For the most part, he was quiet and kept to himself. He took orders without question, but underneath his conciliatory attitude, he was actually very strong-willed and hated losing at anything. Unlike Tucker and Shades, he did not have a team full of rare Pokémon. His team consisted of a Ratatta, a Ledyba, and a Zubat.

    The second member of the red team was a girl named Anastasia. She was the same age as Albert, a head shorter than him, had long black hair, and brown eyes. Tucker found her personality interesting, because it never remained constant. One instant she could be outgoing and upbeat. A few minutes later, she could become quiet and attentive, making witty but insightful observations, or she could disappear entirely from the group for sometimes as long as an hour and then return. Sometimes she explained where she had been, other times she did not, and every time she had a different mood than the one she had left with. Anastasia’s team was mostly like Albert’s in that the Pokémon were not rare. Her team was made up of a Kakuna, a Shinx, a Poochyena, and a Nidorina.

    It became obvious quickly why Shades was the leader of the team. Not only was he the strongest of the three, but he was also naturally good at taking command. Albert and Anastasia followed him without ever questioning his leadership. He was more than just a natural leader as well, he was an excellent leader. He was open to opinions and never abused his power over anyone. However, during group training sessions, which Tucker began participating in after the first week, he thought quickly and his orders were concise and effective.

    The group training sessions, as mentioned, had started for Tucker a week into training. The point was to instill precise and effective team work among the teams, because, as Tucker had learned, the last half of training was all group work, since the team a trainee passed with would be their team throughout their career as part of Team Rocket.

    “Tuck, go over there,” Shades whispered, pointing to an obstacle. “Hide until I give the signal. Then go around the left and stop behind the next one. Got it?”

    “Yeah,” Tucker replied, not sharing in Shades’ enthusiasm. He still was not thrilled about having to pass these trials just to be in a criminal organization he wanted nothing to do with. Still, he checked to make sure he would not be seen and crept over to where Shades wanted him. The trial today was to get past two guards, who were patrolling a small building. It was all fake of course, but that did not make the task any easier. The guards knew someone would be coming, but did not know who or when. So far, they were not aware anyone had come. Inside the building was a fake gem the team had to recover. If the whole team was spotted, they lost the trial.

    Tucker watched as Shades sent Albert and Anastasia to other points to hide behind. When Shades signaled him, he crept to the next hiding place. He lost sight of Shades, but now he had to wait. If all went as planned, then Albert was about to make a move towards the building trying to be as stealthy as possible. Chances were though he would be spotted, and he would have to run as one of the guards tried to catch him, leaving that guard’s patrol unwatched.

    Tucker heard one of the guards yell. Albert had been spotted, and now the chase would be on. He heard Albert yell for his Ledyba to come out, but then his attention went to the sound of the other guard spotting Anastasia. Tucker moved quickly then. With both guards occupied going after Albert and Anastasia, the way was clear for him. He ran to the door, opened it quickly, and then shut it quietly. When he turned around, he saw the plastic gem on the display case.

    “Vaporeon, come on out,” Tucker whispered. Vaporeon appeared from his poke ball and looked up at Tucker. “Spray a mist over the gem. Make it real light though.”

    Vaporeon nodded and then faced the gem. He sprayed a fine mist over the gem, and in it Tucker could just barely make out the faint glow of alarm beams. They were too densely packed for him to reach in and pull the gem out.

    “Jolteon, I need your help.” Tucker said, opening her poke ball. When Jolteon appeared, Tucker said, “Use a thundershock to short out the security system. Be quiet about it though.”

    Jolteon sent a few small sparks of electricity at the roof and the pedestal the gem was placed on it. After a moment, Vaporeon sprayed another fine mist. This time Tucker did not see any beams, so he reached in quickly and took the gem. “Alright. Good job guys. Return.” Once the two were back in their poke balls, Tucker turned around and went to the door. He opened it a crack and peeked out. Albert and Anastasia had gotten away, so the two guards were once again patrolling around the building. There was no way Tucker could get out without being spotted. However, he pulled out a small mirror and slid it through the crack in the door. He angled it just right so that the sun’s reflection shot over to the ground next to Shades. For a moment nothing happened, and then Tucker saw the tail end of Dratini appear for moment. A few seconds later, there was suddenly a tornado in front of the building, causing both of the guards to shield their eyes. Tucker took that moment to run out of the building. Even though there was a raging tornado in front of him, he felt nothing. Somehow Dratini was diverting the energy creating the tornado around him so that the air around him was undisturbed.

    Tucker dropped to the ground once he was at Shades’ side and held the gem out to him. “I got it. Let’s go.”

    “Right,” Shades said. “Albert and Anastasia are already gone. We’ll meet them back at the base. Come on.” He got up and so did Tucker. They began running immediately, and before they had gone too far Shades withdrew Dratini. By the time the guards were able to clear their eyes, Shades and Tucker were long gone.
    __ __ __

    “Excellent job, Tuck,” Shades said. “I wouldn’t have known you were in there myself if not for the signal. You’re quick.”

    Tucker did not know whether to say thanks or feel ashamed that he the skills necessary to become a crook. Instead, he just said, “So we passed then?”

    “With flying colors,” Giselle said. She had met the red team in the lunch area today. Now that Tucker was under the watchful eyes of Shades now, she did not have to keep an eye on him. So she was not here for him, but because she got along with the red team and enjoyed hanging out with them. “According to Viper, you’ve gotten the fifth highest score ever on that test. If you had found another way that had had kept Albert and Anastasia secret, it would’ve been the highest.”

    “I’ll have to see what the other four scores got,” Shades said. “See what they did. Because that was the best plan I could figure with what we had.”

    “I’ll get you the data tonight after I’m off,” Giselle replied.

    There was a bang as a door slammed open, causing the entire red team to look at the cafeteria’s entrance. For the first time, Tucker saw the blue team. It consisted of four members, like the red team. Their uniforms were exactly the same except for of course the primary color, which was blue. The girl at the head of the group was probably in charge, Tucker figured. She had an air of authority around her and the way the other three held back behind her was further evidence to support the observation. He noticed they all had four poke balls on their belts, a total of sixteen Pokémon.

    “That’s blue team, huh?” Tucker muttered to Shades.

    Shades and Giselle looked back at their food. “Yeah, that’s them. Prissy little bunch aren’t they?” Shades said.

    “The girl at the front, their leader, her name is Kelly. The guy behind her on the right is George. The one in the middle is Slade, and the one on the left is Jack. They’re a tough group, Tucker. You don’t want to cross them.”

    “Who said I was planning to?” Tucker asked.

    “You may not be, but I am,” Shades said.

    “You’ve already crossed them wrong, Ben,” Giselle joked. “That’s why they hate your guts.”

    “I’m not talking about me,” Shades said.

    Tucker looked up from his food between Giselle and Ben. The conniving glance Ben was giving him told the whole story. “Why? I don’t want to get on anyone’s bad side.”

    “Because I want to find out what those four are up to,” Shades said. “They have a bad habit of sabotaging us when they can, and it’s long overdue for their next attack. So I want to find out what they’re planning, and I want you to get back at them for us. They won’t expect anything from anew guy like you. Especially with how scrawny you are.”

    Tucker grimaced. He looked back over the blue team again. They were awfully big. Even the girl, Kelly, looked like she could pack a punch. She did not have the overly muscular appearance of the three guys, but her frame was lean and sturdy. “I don’t think I want to deal with them,” Tucker said.

    “Then you’ll be dealing with me,” Shades said. “And you’ll be seeing a lot more of me than you would them. Don’t worry. I need to think of a plan before I send you into the lion’s den. I would like to have you back in one piece after all.”

    There was a light sound of clanking metal, causing Tucker and Shades to look down at their feet where it was coming from. Interestingly, Tucker saw a Krabby on the ground gripping the metal legs of the bench with its claws. The metal clanking came from it adjusting its claws every now and then.

    Shades kicked the Krabby lightly. “Get out of here,” he scolded. The Krabby jumped and then scuttled away as fast as it could… towards the blue team. “That’s Slade’s Krabby,” Shades said. “Apparently, they were trying to make the table fall on us. Funny how it comes up just as I’m speaking of it.”

    Even though the legs of the bench were metal, the Krabby’s claws had made deep dents in them and on one side there was even a cut where the claws had begun to penetrate the hollow bar. “That’s a strong Krabby,” Tucker said.

    “Their claws are strong, but for the most part that Krabby is a wimp,” Shades said.

    “Yeah. Last time I tried battling it, it ran away,” Anastasia said. “Slade can’t stand it.”

    “Hey! Blue team!” Shades yelled over the cafeteria. “Next time, send a Pokémon I can’t dropkick.”

    “I didn’t know you were smart enough to coordinate a dropkick!” Kelly yelled back.

    “Well of course not! Idiot’s usually assume everyone is dumber than them!” Shades responded. Albert smirked and bumped Shades’ arm as a gesture of congratulations. Shades chuckled and then let out a deep breath. “For the most part, they aren’t the worst people you could meet up with. Their sabotage really isn’t malicious,” he explained. “Just mischievous. However, they are very competitive, so don’t get me wrong. They will do whatever they can to ensure they win.”

    “Giselle said they hate you though,” Tucker said.

    “Competitive hate, not full-blown loathing,” Shades clarified. “I’m their biggest threat.”

    “Oh,” Tucker replied.

    “You’ll see. We’ve got a team vs. team training session after lunch,” Shades said. “You’ll experience their ultimate cheating and sabotage methods.”

    “Sounds exhilarating,” Tucker said sarcastically.

    Once the team finished eating, Giselle said goodbye and went back to her job. Shades took the team out to the largest of the training fields behind the Team Rocket headquarters, which had been decorated with several obstacles. There were two sets of the obstacles, each mirror images of each other.

    The training fields behind the headquarters were completely surrounded by the tall buildings of Harston. There were five in total, and each one was highly customizable. The last session, where the team had had to retrieve the gem, took place on the second smallest field. The building that had been there was already gone, and now that field was empty. Around the five training fields was a jogging track, which was used for training exercises and sometimes just recreational exercise by the members of Team Rocket. The smallest field was a battle field for Pokémon battles, and like the others could be customized for almost any occasional or need. The other four fields were always plain, usually nothing more than grass, but could be changed up within a few minutes.

    “This is a race, pretty much,” Shades explained. “Six laps, one team on each side. Each lap, you have to have one of your Pokémon out with you, and the two of you have to work together. Whichever team has the lowest combined time wins the race. Oh, and you have to use a different Pokémon each time.”

    Tucker frowned. “What about you guys? I’m the only one here who has six.”

    “So we have to use some of our Pokémon twice. In Albert’s case, he has to use all of his twice,” Shades said. “Me and Anastasia have to use two of ours twice. So, let’s go over what we need to do. We’ve got fifteen minutes before the session starts.”

    Shades’ planning time was spent on how best to tackle each obstacle. He also took into consideration how some Pokémon would have to do them as well, since for instance Anastasia’s Kakuna couldn’t climb or run, and Albert’s Zubat could not fly straight enough to get through the tunnel crawls. In Kakuna’s case, it would always have to carried, but it could use string shot to provide assistance in climbing. Zubat would have to perch on Albert for the tunnel.

    A few minutes before the session was supposed to start, the blue team arrived. They gathered on their end of the field but were close enough to exchange conversation and competitive jests with the red team.

    “So, how’s your newbie?” Kelly asked.

    “Fantastic,” Shades said. “He got us into the fifth highest score in the gem theft trial.”

    Kelly nodded. “Not bad. He looks a bit scrawny though. I bet he won’t do too great on this course.”

    Shades nudged Tucker and muttered, “Speak up for yourself, Tuck. Don’t let me do all the talking.”

    “I’m stronger than I look,” Tucker said meekly, not wanting to get drawn into the jesting.

    “Anything could be stronger than you look,” Kelly responded.

    “And anything could be stronger than you,” added George. He laughed.

    Tucker rolled his eyes. “I was more impressed with her insult. At least it was original,” he said.

    “That’s okay,” Shades said. “George couldn’t think for himself even if he was told to. Which is pretty sad when you think about it.”

    George opened his mouth to speak but was cut off by a stern voice. “Enough! Everyone get ready!”

    The voice came from Viper, the Drill Sergeant for all trainees. He was a tall, powerfully built man with a short purple shave-topped Mohawk and beady eyes. He had come from the headquarters building and was still behind the two teams when he spoke. Once he had passed them and taken a position in front of and between the two teams, he turned around looked between them. “I’m assuming you all know what’s happening here. Six laps, a different Pokémon each time. Fastest team time wins. Everyone, get out your first Pokémon.”

    Tucker grabbed his poke ball that contained the Eevee with the white dot on her forehead. “Come on, Eevee,” he said. She had the greatest endurance of the team, so she seemed like the best choice for a first Pokémon. Next to him, Shades summoned Onix, Albert brought out Ledyba, and Anastasia called out Shinx. Over on the blue team, Kelly called out a Spearow, George a Wooper, Slade his Krabby, and Jack a Nincada.

    After the race, Tucker had learned the entire blue team’s Pokémon. Kelly had a Spearow, Surskit, Meditite, and Skorupi. George’s team consisted of a Wooper, Croagunk, Houndour, and a Meowth. Slade had his Krabby, Nidorino, Bellsprout, and Gligar. And finally, Jack had Nincada, a Spinarak, a Kricketot, and surprisingly, a Scyther.

    The end of the race concluded with the red team in the lead, but only just. Blue team was a mere three seconds slower. They were definitely close competitors, and since Shades said they cheated, they would probably be coming out on top more often than not. Something told Tucker it was going to be really hard to beat them. Of course, he had to remind himself he really did not want to win.

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    Good, keep it coming! (Anyone else reading this? It's good!)
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    Sorry for the long gap of no updates. It's been busy for me with the end of the semester in college coming up. Homework has been crazy. But, I've finally gotten a little time, so here is the next installment of the Eon Team.

    Chapter 4, Part 1: Night

    One month. As Tucker looked at the calendar, he could not help but feel a sense of sorrow. An entire month of his life had been wasted here, training to be a member of Team Rocket. And there was still no sign of any way he could escape. Shades kept an eye on him constantly, and when Shades was not watching, Giselle was. Her orders still stood from Giovanni to keep an eye on him, so she and Shades treated Tucker as a job-shift now. When training was done, Shades took Tucker to Giselle who watched him for the rest of the day until he was sent back to the barracks. The barracks were a rather new development since Shades took him officially into the red team, and now he had to share the small room with the rest of the red team. He got his own bed, but it was tucked inside a cubby in the wall, so there was barely enough room for him to fit into the small opening. He figured it could not be very comfortable for Shades. The beds were not very long either, and a boy of his height could not stretch out on the bed.

    One month seemed to be a very long time, but he wondered how much longer it seemed to his parents and Glaceon. He knew they were okay, but they did not know if he or the Eevee cubs were alright. It pained him to think of the pain they must feel at the fear of maybe never seeing him again. If he did not get out of Team Rocket soon, he feared they might not. The longer he remained a part of the gang, the harder he felt it would be to get away. He had to make an escape soon.

    'But how?' Tucker wondered. He was watched day and night. There was never a moment he was left alone that he could even plan an escape, let alone implement an escape plan. So all he could do was go along with everything he was told to do, performing every task, lesson, or test as best he could, all the while hoping for some incredible chance of luck to provide him with the means and opportunity to make an escape. It was wishful thinking, of course. Team Rocket never let its guard up, especially around him. There was no way he was getting out of the team easily.

    Somebody started snapping their fingers behind Tucker loudly. “Hello! Tuck! Wake up, buffoon. It’s time to go to sleep.” It was Anastasia, in one of her more extroverted moods.

    Tucker glanced back at her. “You’ve got a funny way of encouraging sleep,” he said, somewhat tersely.

    “Well you seemed pretty much asleep, so I wanted to make sure you got to bed. It’s a big day tomorrow,” Anastasia replied. She wheeled around and skipped to her bed. She was already dressed in her pajamas, so she jumped straight into bed, pulled her blanket over her, and shut her eyes.

    That was the other thing. Tomorrow, the red and blue team would be competing directly against one another. It would not be a treasure hunt or an obstacle course, it was going to be a full on battle. Four on four. Sixteen Pokémon against sixteen Pokémon. Since Tucker’s team made the red team’s total seventeen, one of his Pokémon was going to have to sit out, and he was going to have to lend another to Albert since he only had three Pokémon. The point of this huge battle was to determine the skill of each team’s skill in training. If either team proved that they were skilled enough, then their training would be brought up to the next level. That meant, if red team did really well, they would be sent on their final mission to attempt becoming fully-fledged members of Team Rocket. Both red and blue team had proven their skills at criminal activities, so now they just had to prove their training capabilities.

    “I suggest you listen to Anastasia,” Shades said. “This is going to be the hardest of all of the challenges. Even harder than the final challenge, because we’re going head-to-head with blue team. You need to be fully rested so you’re completely alert tomorrow.”

    The fact that this was the second-to-last step towards becoming a full member of Team Rocket was not the worst thing about this battle coming up. In Tucker’s mind, there was one thing that was even worse: he liked red team. He did not even try to lie to himself anymore concerning that fact. It was actually fun to work with them. And that made the tasks Team Rocket set him on fun as well, because he got to work with the team. It really was horrible, because he was finding it enjoyable to accomplish the tasks Team Rocket set him on.

    “Come on Tucker, the lights are going off in a few seconds,” Albert said. “I’d like to get some sleep.”

    It was not just red team either. Giselle was part of the circle of friends he had made as well. Even though she was not part of the team, she might as well have been. It was rare she missed lunch with them. She was regularly out on the training fields watching and providing useful observations as they trained. Even though she could not stand Tucker at first because of her duties to watch him, they now talked comfortably and could spend long conversations when they wanted. She was just as much of a friend now as Shades, Anastasia, and Albert.

    The lights flickered out over Tucker, causing him to look up from the calendar. He sighed. But instead of turning around and going to bed, he walked to the door. It opened, as he had thought. Team Rocket had probably decided now that he was not going to go anywhere. They were right. He had no plans, no ideas, and too many connections now to just leave at a whim. They had him, hook, line, and sinker.

    Tucker walked out to the training fields and sat down at one of the benches. He looked up into the sky. There were not very many stars out tonight, thanks to all the lights from Harston City. Besides the light pollution though, the sky was clear. No clouds, no smog, no haze. The moon was almost directly above him, shining brightly. It was full tonight, so it was also a part of the light pollution hiding so many of the stars.

    One of the poke balls on Tucker’s belt suddenly opened. He jumped in surprise and looked down to see the ring-eared Eevee had come out. “What are you doing up at this time?” Tucker asked. He reached down and picked Eevee up.

    “Vee-ee-ee,” Eevee said. You seem sad.

    Tucker sighed. “I don’t know, Eevee. I guess it’s just there seems no hope we’re getting out of this place.”

    “Eev-eevee-ee-vee-ee.” Maybe something will come up.

    “It’s not just that anymore,” Tucker muttered. “I’ve seen you play with Dratini. You have fun with him, and some of the others as well. All of you guys do. And it’s the same for me. I like hanging out with Shades and Albert and Anastasia and Giselle. Even if something did come up now… I don’t know if I could go.”

    Eevee looked down. His silence seemed to indicate he agreed. After a bit he sighed, at the same time as Tucker. They both looked at each other at the same time and smiled.

    “Maybe we should get some sleep,” Tucker said. “It’s a big day tomorrow… I guess.” He stood up and grabbed Eevee’s poke ball. When he turned around, just about to withdraw Eevee, he saw someone standing a few feet away. He looked up suddenly just as Eevee growled and his fur bristled. It was Kelly.

    “What are you doing here?” Tucker asked.

    Kelly smirked. “Same as you. I can’t sleep, not with such a big day ahead of us. Besides, don’t I have just as much a right as you to be wandering around?”

    “Why did you follow me then? Hoping to accomplish some final sabotage before the big battle?” Tucker asked.

    Kelly laughed. “You’re so paranoid.”

    “For good reason,” Tucker said.

    “I guess so,” she said. She looked at Eevee. “He sure seems to think he’s tough.”

    “He doesn’t trust you either,” Tucker said.

    “Obviously,” Kelly said. “You mentioned sabotage. I was not going to do that, but now that you mention it, I think that’s a grand idea. Meditite! Come out!” She threw a poke ball and it flashed open, revealing Meditite, who punched her fists together eagerly.

    Eevee growled louder, and Tucker glared at Kelly. “You blues are a bunch of low-lives,” he said.

    “Thanks,” Kelly responded. “Meditite, let’s go with force palm!”

    “Eevee, use quick attack,” Tucker said. Eevee ran forward at Meditite quickly, becoming almost invisible. Meditite, however, remained still, not even using her attack. Tucker knew what was happening. Meditite was using her psychic powers to predict where Eevee would strike from, and at the last moment would attack.

    Which was exactly what happened. Eevee attempted to attack from the side, but Meditite just floated to the side, dodging the attack. Eevee kept on running past Meditite, who then raised her hand and unleashed a burst of energy. Eevee ran to the side, but was still caught by the edge of the attack. He was knocked into the air somewhat and managed to land on his feet. Fortunately, he did seem to have taken a huge amount of damage.

    “Alright, use-” Tucker began, but he stopped suddenly. For a moment, he was shocked, because Eevee began glowing.

    As Eevee glowed, his ears became rounder and his fur coat smoothed out and became sleeker. His legs became longer and stronger as well, and his tail became thinner and sleeker, like his fur. When he stopped glowing, the new Pokémon that stood there was as black as night. Yellow rings swept around the midpoint of his ears and tails, and yellow O’s decorated his forehead and the sides of his legs. His eyes had gone from their warm amber-brown to a bright piercing red. It was Umbreon.

    “Um, wow,” was all Tucker could stammer.

    Umbreon looked back at him. “Bree-um,” he said confidently. Let’s go.

    Tucker nodded. “Okay,” he said. He thought quickly. Umbreon was a dark type now, so that meant he probably could use pursuit. “Let’s go with pursuit!” he said.

    “Bree!” Umbreon said quickly. He charged at Meditite.

    “Hidden power!” Kelly shouted, but even as Meditite’s eyes glowed and energy spheres formed around her, Umbreon faded from view completely. The energy spheres flashed out in all directions but made no contact. The next moment, even though Meditite was attempting to sense where Umbreon would come from, Umbreon reappeared behind Meditite and slammed into her. And that was it. When the dust cleared from the impact, Meditite was down.

    “No!” Kelly shouted angrily. “Return!” she spat, pointing her poke ball at Meditite, who disappeared in a flash of red. Once she reattached the ball to her belt, she glared at Tucker. “That’s was not fair,” she said.

    Tucker smiled. “Says the one attempting to sabotage me,” he said. “Good luck getting ready for the battle tomorrow. You’re going to need it if you’re going to fight fairly.”

    Kelly stared at Tucker angrily for a few moments before wheeling around and stomping back into the base. Once she was gone, Umbreon relaxed a bit and turned around. He smiled at Tucker.

    “Wow, Umbreon. That was great,” Tucker said. He kneeled down as Umbreon walked over to him. “You sure showed her.”

    “Umbree-eon-ee-um-bree,” Umbreon replied. Tomorrow should be easy then.

    Tucker’s smile widened a bit for a moment. The victory would be much easier now. But, after dwelling on the thought for a bit, Tucker shook his head slightly and his smile faltered a bit. Why did he care if they would win? It was just another step closer to being a full member of Team Rocket. What was so great about that?
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    Alright, here I present the most action-packed part of the Eon Team so far, taking up 8 pages on Microsoft Word and an ending I think you'll like Midnight. If anyone else would like to comment on my story thus far, whether it be critically or as a simple comment, please be my guest.

    Chapter 4, Part 2: Clash of the Spectrum Fringe
    “You eight are one step away from achieving your ultimate goals,” Viper stated, pacing back and forth in front of the red and blue teams. “It is likely both of you will succeed in passing this test. This test is not merely about some concept as simple as winning. You need to use teamwork, you need to prove you and your Pokémon know how to work together, and most of all you need to prove that your teamwork and skill become an unbeatable combination. I could not care less who wins the battle today. I want to see all of you show a level of teamwork beyond anything you’ve displayed to me so far. Now, all of you! To the field!”

    The red and blue team nodded in unison and then rushed for their sides of the battlefield. Shades, Tucker, Albert, and Anastasia lined up side-by-side on their end while Kelly, Slade, George, and Jack did the same on the opposite side. The field was plain today, just a flat dirt arena with white lines marked into the ground. However, it was bigger today to accommodate the fact that there would be eight Pokémon at a time.

    ‘Thirty-two Pokémon,’ Tucker thought. ‘What a battle this will be.’ Despite himself, Tucker felt the excitement mounting as he waited for Viper to start the battle. Once the Drill Sergeant had taken his place at the side of the field, he shouted, “Trainers, choose your first Pokémon!”

    Shades had set out a very strict battle plan that the red team would follow. Tucker was to use Flareon first, because of Jack’s team full of bug Pokémon. Since he had to leave one of his team out, Shades had strategized Leafeon was the best choice to not use, since blue team had so many bugs and poison types. He would be using Flareon, Umbreon, Eevee, and Vaporeon in this battle while lending Jolteon to Albert, since Jolteon fit Albert’s preference for fast Pokémon. Anastasia would use Shinx first so as to face the likely chance of Kelly’s Spearow and Surskit and George’s Wooper, since they would be the biggest threats to Flareon. Shades would be using Onix first to counter the likelihood of one of the blue team’s poison types. And Albert was to use Ratatta first, as his speed would likely come in handy. So, at Viper’s command, the red team suddenly had Flareon, Shinx, Onix, and Ratatta in front of them. On the other side of the field, Kelly had called out Meditite (who seemed to be fully healed now), Slade had summoned Gligar, George had brought out Croagunk, and Jack had used Nincada.

    “I thought so,” Shades murmured. “They would have chosen the team they thought would counter what we’d likely use. Okay, Anastasia, focus Shinx on Meditite. Albert and Tucker, focus on Nincada. I’ll have Onix keep Croagunk and Gligar busy.”

    “BEGIN!!!” Viper shouted.

    “Flareon, use ember on Nincada!” Tucker shouted. Flareon yelled and fire shot from his mouth. At the same time, Albert’s Ratatta dashed forward at Nincada, racing ahead of the flames. Just before Ratatta reached Nincada, Meditite appeared in front of the bug Pokémon and blocked Ratatta’s attack with detect. Shinx charged at Meditite with a spark attack, but Meditite’s detect stopped him also. However, with Meditite busy blocking those two, Flareon’s ember struck Nincada just as it used harden. However, the fire attack did plenty of damage to it anyways and Nincada was thrown back. Meanwhile, Shades’ Onix was swerving wildly about to avoid Croagunk’s mud-slaps while at the same time try to capture Gligar in its bind, which was desperately trying to use sand-attack but never getting the chance with Onix’s great speed.

    “Alright, Flareon use bite!” Tucker shouted. Flareon ran at Nincada, who was still getting up from the last attack. Jack ordered Nincada to use fury swipes, so at the last second, Tucker shouted, “Flareon, go to sand-attack!” Flareon skidded to a stop just as Nincada took a swipe at where Flareon would have been if he had kept running. Before Nincada could leap forward at Flareon, Flareon kicked a load of dirt into the bug’s eyes. Nincada recoiled and then Tucker shouted, “Use ember again!” Flareon yelled and a burst of fire took care of Nincada in a second. Nearby, Meditite landed a force palm blast on Ratatta, who skidded unconscious across the battlefield. Shinx had split off of attacking Meditite at Anastasia’ orders to attack Croagunk, who was beginning to get his attacks too close to Onix for comfort. With electricity blazing around Shinx, the little feline tackled into Croagunk when it did not expect the attack, knocking it across the field.

    Albert withdrew Ratatta and sent out Ledyba. “Use silver wind on Meditite!” he ordered. Ledyba nodded and suddenly silver sickle-shaped blades started flying from his wings at Meditite, which used detect to block the attack. At the same time, Jack had withdrawn Nincada and brought out Kricketune. Tucker’s eyes widened in surprise. He had not known—and apparently Shades had not either—that Kricketot had evolved. Of course, Kricketune was still a bug type, so Flareon still had the advantage.

    Nearby, Shinx was using its speed to dodge Croagunk’s mud-slaps while using spark to tackle Croagunk whenever she saw an opening. Onix had finally managed to grab Gligar and trap him in a powerful bind. Then, at Shades’ command, Onix used slam and smashed Gligar into the ground. As Onix moved to grab Gligar again, Slade shouted for Gligar to dig. Just before Onix caught Gligar, it burrowed into the ground. Tucker and Anastasia both took note of this move and both warned their Pokémon of the possible attack. Both Pokémon began running erratically while using attacks like bite and tackle to attack their current targets. It was a while before Gligar reappeared, so in that time Shades sent Onix to attack Croagunk with rock tomb. When it did appear, it was in an attempt to strike Flareon. However, the attack missed due to Flareon’s erratic movements.

    As soon as Tucker saw Gligar blast out of the ground, he decided it was a good time to get rid of Gligar. “Flareon, use quick attack on Gligar!” he shouted. Flareon diverted his bite attack from Kricketune and dashed forward at blinding speed. He pounced at Gligar and then, at Tucker’s command, fired an ember attack at the pinned Pokémon. Gligar struggled to get out from under Flareon but, before he could get away, Flareon bit into his arm and spun around quickly, tossing Gligar into the air. Gligar used his wings to catch himself on the wind, but then Flareon followed up with another ember attack which struck him in the air. Gligar struck the ground a moment later, unconscious and unable to battle. Slade withdrew him.

    “Tucker, keep on Kricketune!” Shades ordered. Tucker nodded and commanded Flareon to use ember against Kricketune, only to realize the bug Pokémon was not where it had been. Instead, it was now in combat with Ledyba, using fury cutter against Ledyba’s comet punch.

    “Flareon, use helping hand with Ledyba!” Tucker shouted. Flareon dashed forward and jumped over to Ledyba. As Ledyba threw another punch, Flareon made contact with him and energy began glowing around the two. At the same time Kricketune was slashing with another fury cutter, but when Ledyba’s fist and Kricketune’s scythe met, Ledyba’s punch won out and smashed into Kricketune’s abdomen. The beetle Pokémon flew across the field backwards, somersaulting through the air uncontrollably. “Use quick attack, Flareon!” Tucker shouted. Flareon dashed forward to attack.

    It was then that Tucker realized what Pokémon that Slade had sent out after Gligar was withdrawn, and he realized it too late. Just as Flareon was about to slam into Kricketune, Slade’s Nidorino charged and intercepted Flareon with a horn attack. Flareon struck the ground with a pained yelp and, after a few seconds, did not get back up.

    “Flareon, return!” Tucker shouted, pointing his poke ball at him. Flareon disappeared and Tucker studied the field. The blue team had Meditite, Croagunk, Kricketune, and now Nidorino on the field. Umbreon would not be a good choice with the fighting types and Kricketune, and neither would Eevee because of the fighting types. That meant Vaporeon was the only good choice now. “Let’s go, Vaporeon!” he shouted. “Use water gun on Kricketune!”

    Vaporeon appeared and immediately fired a water gun at the still recovering Kricketune. The jet of water struck dead on and threw Kricketune far back. When the attack stopped, Kricketune was bent over on the ground not moving. Jack withdrew him a moment later. He then immediately sent out Spinarak.

    Meanwhile, Onix was now locked in combat with Croagunk, whom Shinx was helping as best as she could to defeat. Croagunk’s quick reflexes though were enough to evade Onix’s and Shinx’s attacks. Nearby, Ledyba was now fighting Meditite. Nidorino was about to charge into the fight with Onix and Shinx. In the brief moment Tucker watched, Shinx managed to finally hit some sand into Croagunk’s eyes with sand-attack. Croagunk, unable to see, was immediately grabbed by Onix, who threw Croagunk into the ground with slam. It was then that Nidorino reached the battle and plowed into Shinx with a horn attack. When the dust cleared, both Croagunk and Shinx were down for the count, and their trainers withdrew them. Anastasia then sent out Kakuna and George brought out his Meowth. Meanwhile, Ledyba and Meditite were going at it full force, with Ledyba using silver wind repeatedly and Meditite using detect or confusion to block and counter the attack.

    “Vaporeon, use quick attack on Meditite!” Tucker shouted. Vaporeon dashed forward at Meditite. As he got close, Meditite spotted the oncoming attack and, at Kelly’s order, used detect to block him. That left Meditite open to an attack from Ledyba’s comet punch, which struck Meditite hard. Meditite flew across the field as Vaporeon and Ledyba pursued. However, they never got the chance to finish Meditite, because at that moment Onix grabbed Meditite out of the air with his tail and then slammed him into ground. However, the brief distraction provided just enough of an opportunity for Nidorino to jump up to Onix’s head and land a powerful double kick. Meditite was defeated, and when Onix struck the ground, Nidorino landed another double kick on his head, finishing him off as well. Kelly and Shades withdrew their Pokémon, and then Shades sent out Dunsparce and Kelly used her Spearow.

    Slade then ordered Nidorino to use horn attack on Kakuna, who had been waiting patiently during the fight. At the first sign of Nidorino charging, Anastasia had Kakuna use harden several times. Then, at the last moment, she had Kakuna use string shot on Nidorino’s feet. Nidorino was brought to dead stop. Upon seeing the opportunity, Tucker had Vaporeon use water gun on the trapped Nidorino. Meanwhile, Kelly’s Spearow had taken to the air and Shades’ Dunsparce was now using rollout against George’s Meowth, who was playfully avoiding each consecutive pass. Albert’s Ledyba was circling below Kelly’s Spearow, waiting for her to attack. And Jack’s Spinarak was making its way towards Meowth and Dunsparce, hastily spinning a series of webs in front of it. A moment later, it launched them in a spider web attack at Dunsparce. They caught Dunsparce, who stopped instantly. Meowth then began using fury swipes viciously while Dunsparce tried to escape. Upon realizing escape would not come soon, Shades told Dunsparce to use screech. Dunsparce opened his mouth and suddenly an awful shriek filled the air, bringing every part of the battle to a stop. Vaporeon’s water gun stopped, Spearow and Ledyba crashed into the ground, and Meowth and Spinarak both cowered onto the ground trying to block the sound. Only Kakuna seemed unaffected by the noise, as it did not move.

    When Dunsparce’s screech ended, Tucker immediately had Vaporeon use water gun on Meowth, knocking it away from Dunsparce. When Spinarak turned around to face Vaporeon, Albert had Ledyba attack it with mach punch, crossing the distance between them instantly. His fists collided with Spinarak and, while not dealing a huge amount of damage were enough to keep Spinarak’s attention off of Vaporeon.

    Anastasia then had Kakuna go to Dunsparce, which he accomplished by firing a string shot to the ground next to Dunsparce and then withdrawing the string like a fishing line. When Kakuna reached Dunsparce, he used poison sting to rip away at the spider webs. Spearow attacked then, using aerial ace against Kakuna. The attack slashed across Kakuna’s shell, leaving a huge slash in his shell. The force was enough to knock Kakuna over, who then seemed down for good. Dunsparce was able to free himself, who then glared angrily after Spearow. When Spearow rounded about for another attack, energy shot from Dunsparce’s eyes into Spearow’s. Spearow froze in midair in fear, so paralyzed by the induced terror that she fell out of the air. Then Shades ordered Dunsparce to use pursuit and Dunsparce charged at Spearow, hissing wildly. As Anastasia pulled out her poke ball to withdraw Kakuna, suddenly light began emanating from Kakuna’s wound, causing her to stop in surprise. Everyone watched as suddenly a form began to seemingly climb out of the shell that was once Kakuna. The shell disappeared however, and a moment later in its place was a brand new Beedrill.

    “Alright!” Shades shouted triumphantly. Anastasia could only grin happily at seeing her new Pokémon. Immediately, after greeting Beedrill, she had him use twineedle against Meowth. Tucker cheered Beedrill on for a moment before returning his attention to Vaporeon just as Nidorino freed himself from his string attack. Tucker ordered Vaporeon to use water gun, but Nidorino used focus energy and stood his ground, enduring the attack. As a red aura surrounded Nidorino, Slade ordered him to use horn attack. One instant Nidorino was several feet away from Vaporeon, the next it was where Vaporeon had been with his horn thrust upwards. Vaporeon was suddenly five feet away skidding across the ground at the same instance. When he stopped skidding, he did not get back up. Tucker withdrew him a moment later.

    Tucker looked at his last two poke balls. Shades had said Umbreon was to be the last Pokémon, since his strategy relied on everyone’s strongest Pokémon being together at the end of the battle, when the blue team would be the most worn out. That meant Tucker had to use Eevee. “Good luck, Eevee,” Tucker said. “It’s getting rough out here.” He threw his poke ball onto the field and the next moment Eevee appeared.

    Nearby, Ledyba was suffering a powerful beating from Spinarak’s shadow sneak attacks. Every time he tried to use comet punch, Spinarak’s shadow seemed to come out of the ground and strike Ledyba in the back, preventing his attack. When Ledyba suddenly seemed to be getting weak, Jack ordered Spinarak to use spider web. Before Ledyba could react, he suddenly found himself trapped in Spinarak’s web. Spinarak then followed up with a fury swipes attack, and when it finally stopped Ledyba was unable to continue battling. Albert withdrew him and then sent out Jolteon.

    With Spearow paralyzed, Shades sent Dunsparce to take care of Meowth with rollout, who was still trying to get past Beedrill’s lightning-fast attacks. Tucker observed this just for a moment, but immediately took more note of Slade’s Nidorino, who had just been ordered to use horn attack. Tucker shouted for Eevee to use quick attack. She disappeared with blinding speed and, before Nidorino could do anything, struck him from the side and bowled him over. Slade ordered Nidorino to use fury attack then, but Tucker has Eevee use sand-attack and blind Nidorino. The move was successful, and with Nidorino struggling to see again, Tucker had Eevee use bite. Eevee bit onto Nidorino’s ear, who began flailing wildly to get her off. When she did finally let go, Tucker had her use tackle. She slammed into Nidorino and knocked him several feet across the ground. When he stopped, his legs were sprawled out and he was on his stomach, unconscious. Slade withdrew him, and then immediately sent out his Krabby.

    Tucker was about to order Eevee to use quick attack, when she began glowing. Her tail suddenly became thinner and longer, splitting at the end into two tips. Her ears became broader at the base and her body became longer and trimmer. When Eevee stopped glowing, she was no longer an Eevee. Now, she was Espeon.

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    that was epicly awsome you should keep continuing this 1 i would love to see more

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    Want more? Wish granted.

    Chapter 4, Part 3: Power Spike

    Tucker did not celebrate Espeon’s evolution for long, and neither did she. With the battle still raging around them, the two had to begin working quickly. Tucker struggled to remember what kind of attacks Espeon could use. Because of Umbreon’s evolution, Shades had planned that morning for the possibility of Eevee becoming Espeon. As a result, he went over with Tucker the different attributes of an Espeon; what they could do, what they’re attacks were, etc. According to Shades, the only psychic attack Espeon would be able to use right away would be confusion.

    “Espeon, use confusion on Spinarak!” Tucker shouted. He was not about to let that bug use any bug or dark type attacks on Espeon.

    Spinarak was in the middle of using poison sting against Dunsparce. However, the poison darts never reached Dunsparce but instead turned around under Espeon’s control, surging with new psychic energy. When the attack struck Spinarak, the spider disappeared from the resulting dust cloud. When the dust cleared, Spinarak was on its back unconscious. Jack immediately withdrew Spinarak.

    “Here comes Scyther!” Shades shouted. “It’s his last Pokémon! Focus on it!”

    Jack threw out Scyther’s poke ball. It flashed open and the next moment the large green bug with giant blades for hands appeared. It glared at Espeon for a split second, and then it attacked with lightning-fast speed. Espeon was nearly down in one strike. She would have been had she not dodged Scyther’s fury cutter.

    “Jolteon! Use thundershock on Scyther!” Albert shouted.

    At the same time, Shades shouted, “Dunsparce! Use rollout on Scyther!” while Anastasia ordered, “Use twineedle on Scyther, Beedrill!”

    The sudden change in direction did not go unnoticed to the blue team. Instantly, Kelly’s Spearow dove in to attack Beedrill with aerial ace, Krabby fired a bubblebeam at Dunsparce, and Meowth charged at Jolteon with her claws out, ready to use fury swipes. This was exactly what Shades had planned: to get the blue team into a hectic frenzy to protect Scyther. “NOW!!!” he bellowed.

    At Shades’ command, Dunsparce stopped his rollout and looked up at Spearow. Energy once more flew from his eyes into Spearow’s who froze once more in terror and dropped out of the air. Jolteon leaped over Meowth’s attack and then discharged her thundershock at Krabby, and Beedrill suddenly altered his trajectory and dove at Meowth with his twineedle. At the same time, Tucker ordered Espeon to use quick attack on Scyther. Then Dunsparce used rollout on Spearow while she was still paralyzed. He slammed into the helpless bird and knocked her across the ground. Jolteon’s thundershock struck Krabby and defeated the crab. Beedrill collided with a very surprised Meowth, knocking the poor feline across the field. Before Meowth could recover, Beedrill struck again and again, until Meowth was down for the count. Espeon’s quick attack did not meet its target though, as Scyther’s superior speed, combined with double team, made it impossible to hit. Or so it seemed.

    “Espeon! Use swift!” Tucker shouted.

    Scyther’s double team had formed a ring around Espeon, which she hastily leapt out of. As she sailed through the air, she spun around and star-shaped energy bolts flew from the gem on her forehead. They immediately homed in on the real Scyther, stopping his double team.

    Meanwhile, the rest of blue team’s Pokémon had all fallen victim to the coordinated attack. As a result, they had all been withdrawn. In place of Spearow, Kelly sent out her Surskit. Slade brought out his Bellsprout, and George called out his Wooper. The massive and extremely successful attack, though, had left the blue team shaken and nervous. Even as Kelly tried to call the rest of the team to action, there was a definite sense of unease among them.

    “We’ve got them,” Shades said smugly. “I’m not one to call a battle this early, but I’ll break my usual mold.”

    Tucker looked at Shades. “I find it kind of strange that everyone, except Jack, used their strongest Pokémon early in. That’s why you’re forecasting this, huh?”

    Shades nodded. “It is a viable strategy. Plow through your opponents in one blast and leave them tattered. That’s Kelly for you; intimidation firsts, consequences last.”

    “Then let’s finish this up,” Albert said. “I’m getting hungry, and my team needs some relaxing time.”

    “You’ve always said blue team is a worthy opponent, Shades,” Anastasia said. “I’m not impressed. Let’s prove why you’re wrong.”

    “Agreed,” Shades said. “Dunsparce! Use glare on Scyther!”

    “Espeon, use confusion on Scyther!” Tucker ordered.

    “Beedrill, take out Scyther with pursuit!” Anastasia shouted.

    “Jolteon, thundershock against Scyther! Get that bug out of there!” Albert ordered.

    There was little the blue team could do. None of the Pokémon they had out had any defensive attacks, it seemed. Scyther was fast, but not fast enough to avoid all four attacks, especially when Dunsparce’s glare struck her eyes. When Scyther froze in fear, Jolteon and Espeon’s attacks struck her dead on. The resulting explosion was blinding, and before anybody could even recover to see what had happened, Anastasia’s Beedrill dove in with pursuit and hammered the final blow.

    And that was it. When the smoke and dust cleared, Scyther appeared crumpled on the ground. She was battered, dirty, and most importantly, unconscious. Jack, with a hiss of fury, had no choice but to recall Scyther. He glanced at Kelly angrily, who returned just as furious a glance. Then Kelly looked back at the field. None of the red team was on their last Pokémon, and the ones out still looked like they were ready to dominate anything that stood in their way. Considering that it was also four-to-three odds now, it was easy to do the math. Slade was on his last Pokémon, and with Jack out that meant Bellsprout would be the main target. Everyone knew the little grass Pokémon stood no chance against the red team’s four vigorous fighters.

    Kelly pulled Slade, Jack, and George in, signaling for a timeout at the same moment. The four huddled together and began discussing hurriedly.

    “They have five Pokémon left,” Shades said. “We have ten. It’s four-to-three on the field, but it’s two-to-one in standings. Kelly’s Skorupi and George’s Houndour are strong, but not that strong. Not at two-to-one odds. I think they’re arguing over whether to give up or not.”

    “What if they’re devising a new strategy?” Tucker muttered. “Maybe we should prepare for the possibility of them not giving up. I mean, it is Kelly. And I haven’t seen any cheating yet either.”

    “Viper’s keeping too close of an eye on them,” Albert said. “I’ve been watching them the whole time. They keep glancing at him, and he never takes his eyes off of them. They know they can’t cheat.”

    Shades suddenly frowned. “Can’t they?” Anastasia, Albert, and Tucker looked at him in confusion. “We’re supposed to be training to be thieves and thugs,” Shades said. “Not exactly an honest career. Why would Viper care about cheating, when we’re going to be cheating every day when we get out of here?” He nodded quickly, and suddenly his eyes began scanning everything. The rest of the red team studied him carefully, unsure of what he was doing.

    Is he looking for something? Tucker wondered, and he looked around. He did not spot anything conspicuous though. He looked back at Shades, trying to figure out what he was looking at. Except he was not looking at any one particular thing. He was looking at everything.

    “I got it,” Shades said. “They’re going to cheat, and I know how. Huddle.” The red team drew in close to him. “See that box on the wall over there?” he asked. When everyone looked, saw it, and nodded, he continued. “That’s the controls for this entire field. You flip the right button or switch, and everything will go haywire. Guess who is the best choice to manipulate those without being noticed: Bellsprout. He can extend his roots and get to it without being noticed, if he uses ingrain. If they get to that control box, they can do whatever they like: open pits, earthquakes, anything they need on this field.”

    “Then what’s the plan? How do we stop them?” Tucker asked.

    “We don’t,” Shades said with a smirk. “We’re going to use it to our advantage. Anastasia, you and I are going to keep the blue team busy. Tucker and Albert, use Espeon and Jolteon to manipulate the power supply going through that box. When Bellsprout tries to open the box, send a power surge through it. Anastasia, you and I need to get Wooper and Surskit close to Bellsprout so that, when that happens, they get a nice bit of a shocking experience too. Got it?”

    “Yes,” the three said together.

    “One question,” Albert added a moment later. “How sure are you they’ll go for it?”

    “Completely,” Shades said. “It’s so predictable for them. Alright, everyone, let’s get ready.” The red team pulled away from each other and returned their attention to the field just as blue team broke from their huddle. Kelly gave the time-in signal, and Viper resumed the battle.

    “Bellsprout, use ingrain!” Slade shouted.

    “Wooper! Use mud bomb on Jolteon!” George shouted.

    “Surskit! Use bubblebeam on all of them!” Kelly shouted.

    “Dunsparce! Use rollout on Surskit!” Shades shouted.

    “Beedrill! Take care of Wooper with twineedle!” Anastasia shouted.

    “Jolteon! Use quick attack to dodge and then hit Surskit!” Albert shouted.

    “Espeon, use sand-attack on Wooper!” Tucker shouted.

    The attacks all launched at once. As predicted, Bellsprout used ingrain. Wooper used mud bomb and fired it at Jolteon, who disappeared in a burst of speed, and Surskit fired a spread of rocketing bubbles. Dunsparce dove into a rollout and charged through the bubbles at Surskit, Beedrill charged at Wooper, and Espeon used her psychic powers to blast a wall of dust into Wooper’s eyes. The dust cloud struck Wooper first, but Beedrill was right behind it. While Wooper struggled to see, Beedrill slammed into him and knocked him over next to Bellsprout, who was already busy sending his roots to the control box. Jolteon struck Surskit with her quick attack, stunning her just as Dunsparce slammed into her the next moment. The combined attacks threw Surskit next to Bellsprout as well. It was then that Bellsprout’s roots got into the control box.

    “Jolteon, use thundershock on the control box!” Albert shouted.

    “Espeon! Guide it to there and get the power surging in there with confusion!” Tucker ordered.

    The two Pokémon acted instantly. Electricity flew from Jolteon’s fur, guided by Espeon’s confusion. The attacks struck the control box and power surged around it. An instant later, the power surged through Bellsprout’s roots in a flash. The jolt flew through Bellsprout, causing the little plant Pokémon to stiffen up. The sparks of electricity jumped from him into Wooper and Surskit. Being a ground type Pokémon, Wooper would not normally have been hurt, but the psychic energy added into the jolt did plenty of damage. When Bellsprout’s roots finally withered away from the control box, the three Pokémon collapsed, unable to finish fighting.

    The red team erupted into cheers even as Kelly let loose a blood-curdling shriek of fury. The rest of the blue team suddenly looked horrified, but remained silent. The red team, however, was just as loud as Kelly, though the tone of their yells was that of triumph and victory. Even Tucker joined in on the celebration. He spared one glance over at the blue team to see Kelly forfeiting, and the rest of the blue team with her. Viper announced the red team as the winners and even walked over to congratulate them personally. Tucker called Espeon and Jolteon over and kneeled down to congratulate them as well. They seemed just as happy as him… that they were one step closer to becoming Rockets.

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