No, the thread is not named after me. I'm named after the story. Here is the beginning of a journey of a boy named Tucker, and his team of Eevees.

The Eon Team
J. G. Parrott

Chapter 1: The Eevee Cubs

“Ow! Ow! That’s cold Glaceon!” Tucker complained as he tried to pull his blankets over his head. However, Glaceon continued spraying a cold mist over him so that, even under a sheet and three layers of blankets Tucker couldn’t help shivering. Finally he gave up trying to resist Glaceon and threw his covers off of him. Glaceon immediately backed away and sat down on her haunches, staring innocently at him.

“Was that necessary, Glaceon? It’s Saturday!” Tucker said angrily. The ice-type Pokémon just smiled cutely and stood up.

“Glacy-glay-glace!” Glaceon said. Look over here! She looked over to the corner of the room where she slept, causing Tucker to look instantly.

His jaw dropped instantly. No wonder Glaceon had wanted him up so badly. He scrambled over to her bed as quickly as he could, skidding along the wood floors at the last moment. Glaceon bounded next to him and sat down at the edge of her bed. There, resting in the folds of her blankets and snuggled deep in them, was a baby Eevee.

“It hatched!” Tucker whispered excitedly. He eyed the other five eggs and noticed they seemed to be glowing. “They’re gonna hatch too!” Glaceon nodded proudly and then stepped into her bed and surrounded her eggs and her newborn Eevee. The Eevee yawned and moved about slightly at sensing the presence of its mother, but it kept its eyes closed.

Glaceon cooed to her newborn and nestled her head against it. It pushed restlessly with its legs against her.

“Is it a boy or a girl?” Tucker asked.

“Gle,” Glaceon responded. Girl.

“This is awesome,” Tucker said. “Do Mom and dad know yet?” Glaceon shook her head. She opened her mouth as if to speak, but suddenly one of the eggs began glowing brightly, drawing both hers and Tucker’s attention. A moment later, as the shining intensified, another of the eggs began doing the same. Tucker scooted away and watched in fascination. The first of the eggs suddenly lost its oblong shape and morphed into an Eevee. The other egg did the same thing an instant later. The two looked around happily, first at Glaceon and then around the room. They stopped looking around when they saw Tucker.

Tucker took the moment to really get a good look at the three Eevee babies. The one that was asleep, the oldest of them, had a smooth coat and small white dot of fur on its forehead. The second Eevee also had smooth fur, but a ridge of fur along its spine was a bit bushier, making it look like it had a ridged back. The third was much bushier than the other two. In fact, it was far bushier than any Eevee Tucker had ever seen.

The first Eevee, the one with the dot on its forehead, suddenly woke up then. It blinked sleepily, but when it saw its new siblings it jumped to its feet happily and greeted them. “Ee-vee-eevee-eev,” it said. Tucker cocked his head to the side in confusion. He remembered understanding Glaceon when she had been an Eevee. Of course, that was seven years ago. He guessed he could have forgotten.

The dotted Eevee suddenly saw Tucker then, as it looked to see what its siblings were looking at. Like them, it stared curiously.

“Hi,” Tucker said meekly.

“Ee,” the three Eevees said together. They looked back at Glaceon then who just smiled at them.

“What are they?” Tucker asked.

“See. Gle,” Glaceon said, putting her nose on the ridge-backed Eevee first and then the bushy Eevee. Boy. Girl.

“Nice to meet you three,” Tucker said. “I’m Tucker.”

Just then, the last three eggs suddenly began glowing together, causing all five sets of eyes in the room to look at them. They shined brighter after a moment and then all took the shapes of an Eevee. One had several tufts of fur sticking up at random on its body. Another had a ball of fur on top of its head between its ears. And the third had single white rings halfway up its ears. The three new Eevee looked around curiously, first at their mother, then at Tucker. Like the other three, they stared at him until he said, “Hello.” He looked back at Glaceon and asked her what these three were. All three were boys, she said.

Tucker looked between the six Eevee babies, and after a moment just smiled. They were each different, and he liked that. A white dot. A ridge of fur. A bushy coat. Stray tufts. A ball of fur. And white rings.