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Thread: Shininess in Gen IV remakes

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    Default Shininess in Gen IV remakes

    I've noticed something a little bit odd. Although it could be pure chance, I've found shiny (non-Gyarados) pokemon twice in Soul Silver: Geodude before I reset, and just now a Nidoran (M). Have they messed with the shiny settings or something?

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    No clue I found a crap load in emerald but none in a few other games. Just lucky.

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    It's all to do with luck.

    The statistics are still 1 in nearly 9,000. That just means the chances are slim, not that you will find one every 9,000 battles or whatever.

    I know people who can't find them to save their life, and then I have found a few. One I accidentally fainted, it was a nido female.

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