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Thread: Pokemon Battle Revolution

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    Default Pokemon Battle Revolution

    I'm thinking of buying it, but I have a few questions first...

    -What is this game worth TODAY?

    -Is there Replay value?

    -How does the online work?

    -HeartGold/SoulSilver compatable?


    Help me out guys, this could be a major purchase...
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    Don't get it!
    There isn't much to do in the game. It's HeartGold/SoulSilver compatible.
    The online is okay. You can randomly fight people online, but most people use hacked Pokémon. You can use friends codes to fight friends online, but there is no mic to communicate with people. It mostly feels like fighting a very intelligent CPU player because of that.

    You can earn BP or Pokécupons which is like BP and buy stuff on the Battle Revolution to transfer to your Pokémon game. But the items are pretty lame or okay at best. You have to battle a crazy amount to get the decent items.

    The replay... isn't very high at all. I would recommend renting the game, it doesn't take long to beat since you can transfer your Pokémon on to Battle Revolution.
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