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    Default Nicknames!

    Guys, guys, I need nicknames for all of you (except Bleedy McLegless, of course)! Help me come up with them!

    Ed's List of Nicknames:
    Kirbx: Bleedy McLegless
    Eon: Michael Crichton
    Leo: Lt. Squirt
    Solly: Solamandra Corbet
    Bumblebee: Miss Kittylink
    Midnight: Spookypants
    Ninja: Issyabella
    Shimobe: Krow
    Dormiens: Guido
    God: Yahweh
    Trixie: Pepper
    Jason: Yami
    Khaos: Mr Awsum
    Yojimbo: Yoshi
    Hicky: Deerhaunter
    Raptorg: Cap'n Ego
    Shadow: Lovecraft
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