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Thread: I think it's time...

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    Espeon, I think at this point we are all aware of that fact that your laptop operates at sub-par levels.

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    Like you'd look for me, pffft...


    For now. I hope to get it fixed soon. Downloading Java on a laptop, sharing a dial up connection with my desktop via ethernet cable, is really slow. I'm going to see if I can get Java on this badboy again today. And the next day. AND the next day...

    But RS is a good idea, "clans" (groups) are easy to create/manage, it's easy to learn, and they just made a new skill not long ago. That's my vote.
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    S4 League is apparently a lot of fun and free. I haven't tried it.

    I know of a lot of stuff like that you can play with friends. Someone was talking about Minecraft being fun

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