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    Default T-King's char

    Name: Valon Author Stone

    alias: V

    Age: 18

    Gender: male

    Appearance: Tall, with a medium build as well as brown eyes and short black hair. Usually weaing a pair of blue jeans and various unbuttoned collared shirts over another shirt. Has a scar across his chest of a long scratch mark from a wild Mightyena as a child.

    Personality: A easy going person easily liked by people he meets. Not real focused at tasks at hand. Rather laid back and is considered smart by his friends and family but has moments that make them all wonder. Valon usually doesn't think through his actions and acts on instinct which gets him into trouble at times. He also usually gets into trouble for various pranks and tricks he pulls at times.

    History: Growing up in Azelea town with his parents he led an almost normal and uneventful life. Not completely normal however when he wandered off too far in the woods and got attacked by a Mightyena when he was five. Giving him an irrational fear of the pokemon that he constantly refuses to go to a shrink about. About to graduate high school he plans to go on an adventure soon after. Currently working at the local pokemart in hopes to make enough money to be able to afford it.

    Pokemon species:

    Role/Job: Works at the pokemart/ Pokemon trainer

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    Yeah accepted. Get role playing!

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