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    Why can't teachers just put things into them? I mean the best way to teach is to simply explain what you have to do. For example I spent hours infront of my math book studing joint and inverse variation but in all honesty it never told me how to solve them it just went into some sort of complex equation for carmera quality. The day of the test I had still no clue what to do but I asked someone and all he said was "drop a K in there solve it and then use that K to solve it again." And I got it imeadaitly. Why couldn't the teach just say that?

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    She probably did, but in a way you didn't understand. The problem is that that is the language everybody else uses too. It's mathematical convention. To upset it would cause chaos in the future.

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    The main purpose of teaching is to put things into layman's terms, so that the student will understand it. If you still do not understand the topic, it's hardly the fault of the teacher.
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