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Thread: PokeDream Johto Gym League - Closed! Will reopen in the future

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    Default PokeDream Johto Gym League - Closed! Will reopen in the future

    Welcome to the PokeDream Johto Gym League!

    We'll have eight gym leaders, and they can be challenged by anyone at any time to earn their badge. Outsiders can try to get the badge of the person in question and we'll see who can rack up the most badges! All Gym Leaders must be literate, reasonable at Pokémon and ready to be an active part of this.

    You must use Pokémon that this person would reasonably have access to. Certain trainers will be allowed the Pokémon that they use in Stadium 2, but only if their type is extremely limited. Post in this topic if you aren't too sure. Additionally, all Gym Leaders must have ONE signature Pokemon that they use in all battles.

    Sign up to be a gym leader and once we have enough, sign up to be a challenger! All battles will take place on Shoddy Battle; however, you must use three consistent Pokémon throughout all your matches with the gym leaders!

    Now, please note, if you manage to beat ALL the gym leaders, then you can take one of their places!

    Also, there are to be no ubers! The following Pokémon are to be categorized as uber by us: Wobbufett, Shaymin-S, Palkia, Dialga, Manaphy, Mew, Rayquaza, Wobbufett, Wynaut, Kyogre, Ho-Oh, Lugia, Girtatine, Giratina-O, Groudon, Garchomp, Deoxys (all formes), Darkrai, Arceus, Latios.

    The Smogon server is awfully laggy - I recommend that all matches take place on the Gary Oak's Battle Frontier server, although this does not have to be the case! It will just be an unofficial server of sorts.

    User: Transcode003
    Shoddy Battle username: Transcode003

    Badgeholders: Pink-kitty2, Super Noob

    User: PokemonChampionJoseph
    Shoddy Battle username: PokemonChampionJoseph

    Badgeholders: oscarsaurus, jeanzero, Super Noob

    User: leo33wii
    Shoddy Battle username: Leo33wii


    User: Kirby
    Shoddy Battle username: Kirby

    Badgeholders: Marururi, Super Noob

    User: Keke Le Cat
    Shoddy Battle username: Keke Le Cat

    Badgeholders: Marururi, Pink-kitty2

    User: The Editor
    Shoddy Battle username: Vindy

    Badgeholders: Marururi, Baby Oh, PokemonMasterJoseph

    Shoddy Battle username:

    Badgeholders: AndyMax94, omgjustshutup, darien8, JetiauSpade, Super Noob


    User: Midnight The Dark Espeon
    Shoddy Battle username: GymLeaderMidnight

    Post here with the gym leader you want to be, and if there are 8, the three Pokemon you'll challenge all the gyms with!

    Elite Four


    User: Morty
    Shoddy Battle username: Perdition

    Beaten by: Super Noob


    User: T-Rat
    Shoddy Battle Username: T-Rat

    Some rules:
    - If you are inactive for a month, your gym is vacated and somebody else is free to take over!
    - You MUST take three consistent 'signature' Pokémon into ALL gym battles. From there, you have three interchangeable slots. For example, you can select Raikou, Dragonite and Seviper as your consistents. Thus, you could have a team of Raikou, Dragonite, Seviper, Altaria, Salamence and Venusaur in your battle with Morty and Raikou, Dragonite, Seviper, Lucario, Infernape and Roserade in your battle with Falkner. However, you must have three consistents.
    - If you want to become a gym leader and all the places are full, either wait for an active member to surpass a month of inactivity or challenge all the leaders and take over a gym.
    - The gyms are not mono-type, but keep within the flavour of your gym! Be sensible, fundamentally. For example, Dragon-type trainers often use Aerodactly, Gyarados and other 'pseudo-dragons'. You are free to do this also!
    - If you're a challenger and you manage to beat the gym leaders, you become a Cooltrainer. This means you can either usurp a gym position, or CHALLENGE the Elite Four.
    - If you are a gym leader with MORE THAN 30 WINS, you can become a member of the elite four.
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