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    If you've noticed, Smogon doesn't actually have any site content. Thus, I have a bunch of battling guides that I'd like to be written at one point:

    - Trick Room Guide
    - Guide to winning with hax (gives information on the best Serene Grace abusers etc.)
    - Guide to making Hail / Sandstorm teams
    - Guide to using the move Belly Drum and making a team around it

    However, 'be written' doesn't imply that I'd be the one writing them. Feel free to write them! But if you are, or you're making a competitive battling guide of ANY SORT, post here what you're doing, and we'll make this thread of interest to Mewtwo.

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    Hmm I could do weather effects but I never get any motivation.

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    Look behind you.


    I claim winning with hax. I personally dislike using teams centered around gimmicks that can fail like Belly Drum and Trick Room. However, hax is an integral part of every battle, so we all should take advantage of hax instead of bitching about it.


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