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    I used my gameshark on emerald version so I could get Deoxys. I used the cheat where you use the ticket to go to the island because I heard he wouldn't obey you if you didn't go to the island to catch him. He obeys me on emerald, but when I trade him to leafgreen and ruby, he won't obey. I even tried using the soothe bell and that didn't work. Despite all my efforts, he will only obey on emerald. Does anyone know why this is and if I can fix it?

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    Perhaps you don't get the Gym Badges to make Pokemon up to LV *0 obey you. You'll know how Gym Badges are work aren't you? If you want to know which Badge will help you in this case go to Cerulian and enter the house of the Hidden Rare Candy. just in case you don't know it's located right northwest corner of that city (Nugget Bridge doesn't count as the City's part).
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