Let me tell you a tale revolving around how my existence shifted direction. Its going to take an extended period of time so dont leave your seat, this is precisely the way i became part of a rich family.

In the inner city of Philadelphia, where i was brought up, i was engaging in a rousing game of basketball, a practice i would hold dearly, i was elated and enjoying myself when a few broadly built fellows began starting fights and whatnot around town.

I became involved in a tiff and my parents became frightened and said "I am sorry but you cant stay here any longer with all of these near criminal issues. We're sending you off to live with family".

I signaled a taxi and it pulled to the curb to transport me, with oddities among it including but not limited to a phrase written on the title and some fuzzy gambling objects dangling from the center compartment. This cab was an amazing sight to behold, but we could not lose sight of our final destination: Bel Air California.

We arrived at the estate nearing 8pm, and i was becoming exceedingly displeased by the odor coming from my driver, so I made a witty quip involving the subject. I'm proud of it to this day. I stepped closer to the massive structure that would be my home, and i quivered at the pride and excitement of starting a new life as the prince of Bel Air.