Ok so like this is my first chapter to my awesome new Kids Story.

The Awesome Buffalo
By KhaosMonsterEnergy.

Chapter 1

Once upon a time there was this buffalo. This buffalo was so awesome and it had tons of friends. But One day an evil Buffalo stole his friends and put them in a castle. The awesome buffalo must find them. He looked and looked for his friends but he couldn’t find them. He went to see the wizard of buffalos. He knows everything.
“O wise wizard buffalo where are My friends” Said the awesome buffalo
“Find them you must” Said the wizard buffalo
“Yes I know I must find them but where are they?” Said the awesome buffalo
“Over the mountain they are” Said the wizard buffalo
“Ok I will find them” said the awesome buffalo
“Find them you must” Said the wizard buffalo
*Over the mountain and through the woods the buffalo must go it must find its friends and save the day* Sing this over 20 times

As the buffalo reached the mountain he was like Well I might just have to quit now cuz there’s no way im climbing that fucking mountain.
“Mountain you must climb” Said the wizard
“What the fuck are you doing here” awesome buffalo said
“Stalk you I must” said wizard
The awesome buffalo pulled out his gun and capped that bitch.

Ok so tell me what you think