Name: Dream Thunderson

Alias: The Dream Trainer

Age: 10

Gender: Male

Appearance: I wear a newsboy hat, and a scarf. I also wear an oange shirt, with a yellow jacket over it. My hair is an untidyblack, and I wear jeans that fit.

Personality: Very wild, and not shy at all. Once, I hung on a camera and was broadcasted all over Dubloon town [in the Dahkino region [my made up region]]

Pokémon Species: Growlithe, Ralts, Teddiursa, Vulpix, Poliwag, Milktank

History: I was born in the wild, cause I've had a special bond with pokemon. I can climb as high as an aimpom, swim faster than a gyardos, run faster that a pikachu, and live like pokemon. My home is a cottage in the forest, but I've been recently staying in a inn.

Role/Job: I enroll in the Pokemon Adventure Academy, and I also catch and train pokemon for a living. I also sell pokemon, the one's I haven''t bonded with. The others go to the daycare, which I run, at the age of 10