This old lady down the street stood in her yard (4 houses down) and YELLED at me, cursing about my "damn dog" and how she is going to call the "damn cops" because Jackson was barking. The kicker is she owns a beagle herself as well which barks all the time. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black. I can't believe someone would do that in front of a small child.

We are going this weekend to get a no-bark shock collar for the puppy, so we have a solution in place... but the cursing and yelling was UNCALLED FOR! I said back, "Are you certain you aren't confused with your dog! You have a beagle too." and turned around to walk away. She was STILL yelling at me when I went in the house.

For all I know she is still out there yelling.

Some people. I swear.

How low class.

How uncouth.

I'm astounded.