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Thread: ScarfTar and Choice Banded Scizor.

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    Default ScarfTar and Choice Banded Scizor.

    Fuck them, i run into them almost every match, i can deal with them both, but they're such bitches.
    How do you deal with them?

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    Hidden power fire on random pokemon.

    Its lock into something so switch to a counter.

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    Choice band scizor is a bitch.. That why I use one!

    The best way is so.. KILL IT WITH FIRE! Yeah, who didn't see that one coming?

    ScarfTar is just dumb.. I tend to Thunder Wave it in order to cripple it, then hope the opponent is dumb enough to switch it in after my Infernape kills something with Flamethrower(Hoping he'll think he gets a free turn due to Choice Band, but all he's getting is an Expert Belt Close Combat in his face)

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