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Thread: Proboards is gay

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    Default Proboards is gay

    Proboards it's a free community yea right they just made a new app for my iPod for proboards and now I have to pay 3 dollars to get the app to post on my own forum how is that free I should sue them.
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    I'll be here! Even if i have to make 300 alt accounts to have conversations with!!

    POKEDREAM FOR LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Fullmetal if you aren't here in 10 years I will find you and make you post!!

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    Convenience always has a price tag. Remember that.
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    Then we will dye easter eggs and watch stupid horror movies until she pisses her pants and I die.
    Im growing impatient with these malevolent slithering reptiles on this bloody aircraft.
    - Snakes on a Plane (As if spoken by a proper Englishman)

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