Hi, I'm Autistic Lucario. In real life, I have Asperger's Syndrome, which is a kind of autism.

I like to write Pokemon fanfictions, but not in the way most people would expect. For example, I emphasize on using brainpower, a bit of stealth, and some improvisation to overcome obstacles in the stories, rather than "Pikachu, use Thunderbolt!" My stories have some mystery and horror elements in them.

As for my personality,

1: I'm nice if you're nice to me. Cross the line and you'll be facing the mods.

2: I'm awkward and socially immature (thanks to my disorder).

3: I overreact to situations sometimes and my emotions tend to pour out with my posts.

4: I have problems telling a joke from reality (I HATE April Fool's Day).

5: I'm a literal, concrete, black and white thinker.

6: My head tends to spin whenever I read long posts (rule boards confuse me sometimes and I forget many of the specific rules ).

7: I'm very proud of my work (like patriotic Americans are proud of their flag).

8: Anyone who breaks the rules on my turf will feel my wrath (actually, the wrath of the moderators).

9: I have a really hard time maintaining a conversation.

10: I have the body of an adult, but the mind of a little kid.

Please understand that I'm not here to break any rules or cause trouble. I'm really nice and friendly once you get to know me. Just try to see past my rather emotional surface.

All right then, I'll see if I can enjoy myself here.