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Thread: A Look Back At 4th Gen Pokemon

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    Default A Look Back At 4th Gen Pokemon

    People say they are stupid but there are always stupid pokemon but really a lot are pretty cool.

    The Starters

    Overall Empoleon Infernape and Torterra a pretty cool looking a have to say. In this gen torterra kinda sucked in game more than other grass types. But the little penquin and monkey definantly will be some of the 4th gens coolest pokemon.


    Yes its a normal bird again. But wait!? This thing ain't half bad as far as stats go in comparison to pokemon like pideot and noctowl. Also close combat is beast.


    Lol Birbarel. Just lol.


    Eh nintendo needs its random bugs in there that suck balls. Atleast this isn't a bug/flying type.


    Overall its pretty cool. It looks like it can sweep but it can't at all. It makes a decent tank but its stongest move is thunder fang . But seriously how many of us fell when the games game out and caught it thinking its the Riachu of gen 4?


    A needed evolution its not a bad pokemon at all.

    Rapardos and Bastiodon

    Odd how the 4th gen created the worst fossil pokemon to date. Even cradily and armardo can tank but these? Nothing at all. Rapardos in nintendo's mind "lets create a ground/rock pokemon is cruddy stats all around with the exception of only attack and see how it does." And boastiodon woo look at those defenses! But look at that ho and that attack . Bastidon has as much defensive potentail as a wigglytuff. Enough to survive one it and one it only and come back with an attack of lol size power. I should not that Rapardos is ok in trick room "ok."

    Mothim and Wormadam

    Here are those bug/flying types. Oh look! They can change thney types to steel/grass/ground. They still suck. Atleast mothim has some sweeping power for maybe NU but the rest but suck.

    More to come!

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    Empoleon had great type coverage,for sure.(But close Combat Ko's it.)
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    Cradily's like the best fossil pokemon.

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    Rampardos has its uses obviously. Bastiodon is a piece of shit that is outclassed by Shuckle but Rampardos definitely has uses.

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    The biggest change was the battle system.

    Are you still up to shoddy Hicky? might be a little rusty though

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    4th gen was LAME

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