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Thread: Fuck the private sector.

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    Default Fuck the private sector.

    In the recent discussions about 'creating jobs,' you always hear politicians paying lip service to private sector jobs over public sector jobs. Supposedly private sector jobs are 'real' jobs. I SAY: why?

    Public sector jobs are more likely to have higher pay and better working conditions. Historically the public sector has been much more technologically innovative than the private sector, as opposed to persistent myths to the contrary. The public sector has the potential to be far more productive than the private sector due to significantly higher capital and potential resources.

    Why is the government so shy about stepping in the place of the private sector when the private sector fails to deliver? The labor power is there, the resources are there, the means of production are there. They are not being employed because the private sector is based on small-scale profit incentive. There is no shortage of true demand in the economy - new energy is needed, construction projects need to be undertook, and transportation systems need to be implemented. All of these things bear huge returns. I'm not saying to abolish the private sector - they are quite good at rolling out consumer electronics and retailing food. But the more important things, the government can do - and better, and quicker.

    Contentious thread time. What say you?
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    I don't get why some governments seem to favour PFIs when it comes to building infrastructure. I just don't understand why you would give a task in which cost cutting is one of the WORST things you can do, to the private sector where the foremost goal is maximising profit. I mean efficiency is one thing but when the govt is the one footing the bill and taking on all the risk, I'd want to do the job myself and make sure it's done well. And the government IS capable greater efficiency and a higher quality of work than the private sector, it is in their interests that any projects they undertake are done well, while with PFIs private firms can do as shoddy and job as they like and they're not the ones liable.

    when it comes to providing basic services to the public, stuff like telecommunications, postage, reasearch and development, electricity and everything, State-owned Enterprises are the best way of provision by functioning, essentially, as a business, but with the incentive of benefitting the public and society and without the cut-throat tactics of private businesses, as well as aiming for higher returns to the government, unlike govt departments which are accused of being inefficient because their role isn't to make a financial return.

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    Because government run businesses are to the private sector like Australia is to the first world, that is, always two steps behind the trend with half-assed implementation and always thinking they're providing hot new shit. Take Government Motors for instance. Prior to the government taking it over it was a really shitty pension and healthcare company that saw it's automotive sector as an uninteresting and loss-generating nuisance. Now the government has taken over and they're actually trying to make cars, only they're trying to make cars with the same buffoons who were designing the original crap. Instead of letting the sick horse die or handing it over to a competent car company they decided to try and play catch up and are now using taxpayer money to fund such exciting upgrades as independent suspension, engines with proper power to fuel consumption ratios, and disk brakes. You know, things that were industry standard in Japan and Europe FIFTEEN FUCKING YEARS AGO.
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