basically, the idea is to create a small rap based upon a character or pokemon, but not mention directly who the rap is based about.

for example:

in west sevii islands, born and raised

in the ice cave's where i spend most of my days

chillin', relaxing and actin all cool while ridin' all the lapras in the icy pool

when a couple of guys, they were up no no good. started making trouble that no one understood.

i got in 1 little fight, and Red got scared and said : *nothing*

i whistled for a cab, and when it came near

on the port bow was a pimp, and he wrecked into the pier.

if anything, the boat was making weavile look slow... but nah ya'll forget it

yo home to tha plateau!!!

of course i did modify the fresh prince lyrics to create this example.

now get creating BITCHES!