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Thread: clefable

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pants,_and_the_beast_dwelling_within View Post
    i have no faith that anyone would use wynaut anyway, and scizor was being discussed by smogon about that, but because its a transfer evo rather than a normal one, and the stats are technically average based on comparison, they left it OU. and for good reason. scizor kicks major ass.


    if you want, why dont we set them both on BL?

    clefable's ability is waaaay too good to be ignored, and suicune is good at CMing (on bumblebees sig). i'd just prefer clefable because of its scarcity
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    technical in OU, his being 500, which is one of the average stat pokes in OU, if not lower

    and yes, there is an obvious pun there

    your welcome

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