Hundreds of years ago, for some unknown reason, humans where over thrown by pokemon and exiled to some distant loaction. For the Shinnoh region most of the pokemon went back to a simplier way of living. Some pokemon like Garchomp, went back to the caves where there ancestors devolved, only able to reach the evolution stage of Gabite at the most. There where a few pokemon though that developed a society and thrived. These pokemon where Gastrodon, Staraptor and Bibarel. They suvived to do this because there numbers where great and they where spread all throughout Shinnoh. A few others tried to grow by Machop Geodude and Zubat but they where driven back into the caves, while Gyrados and Seaking left for greenier pastures. Over the pastage of time the Staraptors and Bibarels fought a bitter war for power, that in the end no one won, they where left weak enough that the Gastrodons, left unnoticed, simply distroyed what was left of them. With that the Gastodons became the dominant species of Shinnoh, no one rivaled there power, well accept themselfs. See the Gastrodons had naturaly developed into 2 groups separated by the mountian range in the Middle of Shinnoh. On the west side existed the West Sea Gastrodons, they where pink and brown and had "horns." While on the east side where the East Sea Gastrodons, which where blue and green without horns and had a more "elegant" appearance. The problems for the most part where of racism between the two groups and of social diferences. The West Sea Gastrodons where more of the backwoods Gastrodon, which lived in streams lakes and rivers. While the East Sea Gastrodons had more ocean on there side, and so where more powerful and rich. Besides that the issue started when both sides layed claim to the "Areas Island," on the north eastern side of Shinnoh, the East Side claimed they owned it becuase it was actually on the east side of the Mt. Coronet, while the West Sea Gastrodons claimed it becuase they owned the former Snowpoint City which was the only route one could take to get to the Areas. And so war was proclaimed on both sides. Each side was given 5 years to rally up its troops to the top of Mt. Coronet. 5 years time was needed since the Gastrodons where extremely slow on land making at most a mile a day, while in contrast the Gastrodon's could go 10 times that distance in the water easily. As word spread of war between the pokemon to the far off village of Canalave that is where out story begins.

Chapter One The Draft

It was a fine morning in Canalave, summer had just begun and the fun for all the little Shelloses was on its way. During the summer we loved to play games and swim around in the Ocean. We where very lucky as West Sea Grastrodons to live near the, ocean most where land locked at some lake. The thing we loved the most in Canalave though was playing in the ruins. The gym was the best, we could spend all day climbing up the steel pillars and, playing games at the top.

"Eh Ralph? Why don't we ever play in the old Library?" I asked.
"Cuz man its spooky in there man" he replied.
The library was one of the few buldings in the town that was still intact. So intact that all the books where still there and seemed to still have power. Becuase there was still power magnemites hid there. Although as ground types there thunderbolts where useless, there sonicbooms could still 1HKO little shellos, like us.

"What are you chicken! Bawk Bawk! Bawk!" I said.
"No er... fine lets go."

We slowly inched up to the library and went in. Immediatly we saw something amazing. There was this box on the wall that showed moving pictures. To this day it still ceases to amaze me. There are this thing on it, it looked like some sort of Machop, I guess that was human. She kept on repeating the same message "Any survivors are ordered by the pokemon league to head to your nearest pokemon center to be teleported to the Sevii Islands. I repeat head to your nearest pokemon center to be teleported to the Sevii Islands." The message just kept on repeating over and over again.

"Sevii Islands?" he said
"Don't know about other regions. Dad told me we lost contact with them during the Bibarel-Staraptor Wars when the radio tower fell."

We headed up the stairs to see the books. All around there where Spinarks and Ariadoses making webs on the ceiling and wurmples nawing at the books. As we inched over to the fiction section, a Magneton came and attacked us. It threw out a sonic boom but barely missed me. Then as it hovered over us about to strike again, a purple figure seemed to jump up and slap is many times in the face. It didn't KO it but it was enough to send Magneton running. The figure came down and it turned out to be a Mime Jr. that saved us.

"Hey thanks I said."
"No problem. I am Claire whats your names?" she said.
"I am Waterfall and he is Ralph."

We then all decided to leave the place. When we came out it appeared to be snowing. But it wasn't snow in the middle of the Village there are a grown Gastrodon blizzarding at the sky getting everyones attention. We went over there. All around there are propagando posters showing East Sea Gastrodons sitting on piles of gold counting there money.

"The East Sea threat has claimed the Areas! We shall not let this stand, we clearly own the passage to the areas and so forth own them. Out leader HardShell was proclaimed war against themand, them to us. Today I will choose a random 50% of your town's population, to be drafted to war. Tomorow we leave for Coronet."

As he read off the list I clearly heard my name be called but not Ralph's. After that day I never saw Ralph again.