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Thread: They want to build a mosque beside ground-zero.

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    ps just about every iq test has a different numerical scale
    "I'll go," said Chagataev. "But what will I do there? Build socialism?"
    "What else?" said the secretary.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kirby View Post
    Yeah people that worry about this are as bad as the terrosists themselfs. Yeah thats right America we do infact have extremists here.
    But are Americans as paranoid as international media portrays them to be? There are several Muslims in my year in school and we'll make the odd suicide bomber joke (WHAT'S IN THE BAG OSAID?) from time to time but none of us are actually worried about anything. Then again, over here, the closest we are to terrorism is up in Northern Ireland so we live a pretty secure life. How real is the paranoia you guys rant about or are you just over-hyping it to prove a point?

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