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Thread: Astoria Historical Enthusiasts (IC)

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    As Avalynn hoped, Shadow was able to finish off the creature though she was alarmed to see it's head roll right off. She hadn't quite been prepared for that. It was Malta that brought her back to her senses, as he cut out the creatures uvula.

    "You may be familiar with this, 'Drag's sound',
    It's the only Draghkar treatment around.
    You probably used it to make facial creams,
    now use it before it's Shadow that screams." Malta said to her, and she smiled enjoying his poetic nature.

    It was true that she was familiar with 'Drag's sound', but only in theory and not practice. Being women and not warriors, they weren't apt to run around killing Draghkar for their uvula. So they never had them on supply, a few of the older women had worked with them from time to time, but she could only referance studies for such knowledge. She had never heard of using it for facial creams, but perhaps such knowledge was not common, or perhaps it was just part of his clever rhyming.

    "Problem is, to make it properly you must first dry it out. And that is only the beginning step, it can take several days to make a proper medicine from it." Avalynn answered "To do it properly requires time that I'm sure Pandora would see better spent on the road. Unless of course, he would consent to eating it raw. It is the most potent form of the medicine and without the proper attention it could produce several side effects. Nothing lethal, but depending on the person they are fairly unpleasent. I have yet to read about the effects with an elf though, and they are generally though to have purer blood."

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    “Is it possible to make the medication on the road? I have the necessary paraphernalia at the camp, including a locked, light tight box to keep it away from the sun during the day. As I understand it, these things take utter darkness and time to ferment. It shouldn't be bothered during the daylight hours.” Pandora said, tapping a slender gloved finger against her chin. “Three days. That should be long enough, and it should be finished before we see the first evolutionary stages. Prepare the medicine, and if Shadow begins to demonstrate the signs of becoming one of our winged foes, then he should take it and be cured. If he does not, then there will be no necessity of it and we will have the cure on hand should we meet one who has been infected. Does this work for you?”

    Pandora smiled warmly around at the party, they had performed as well as she had anticipated. She was quite pleased and certain that they were capable of all she had hoped. All was going according to plan.

    ((OOC: My next post will move us into the camp))

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