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Thread: The sharing great pokemon thread

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    Welcome to the sharing great pokemon thread! Here you can discuss great pokemon that you have recently caught. Well, 4 days ago, in my Japanese Platinum version, I encountered and caught a shiny Macargo at Stark Mountain ^_^. That was my first shiny encounter in my life. Right now, its on Lv.56 and I traded it onto my english SoulSilver version.
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    Not really 'caught', but I finally managed to hatch a shiny Adamant natured Scyther with Technician on my Pearl version a couple nights ago. RNG manipulation. Took me almost a full day to get a low-frame Adamant nature with the correct ability. Talk about unlucky.
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    Hey, You quoted me in your sig. I'm gonna say that's a first. At least that I can remember.
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    I actually just caught a shiny Chansey on route 13 in Heart Gold. Its my first shiny I caught in the wild.
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