I see a lot of threads on this board talking about how no one plays pokemon or plays the right way. This is the farthest thing from the truth infact. There are thousands of players across the world that play this game competetive and many more that just like to play. Across the U.S. for example are a series of tournaments that you can find in just about any state that have many people traveling for just to try and win the prizes. These tournaments are all free up to Nationals, and then at the end of the year your rating points that you get for playing will earn you a chance to compete at the world championships which are usually in either Hawaii, California, or Florida.

I myself have been playing the TCG since I was 11, and now I am 18. There are so many great people in the game to meet and it is what has kept me in the game so long. I also am considered one of the top players in the mid west with 3 state championships, and a regional title under my belt along with many smaller tournament wins like cities and battle roads. I also have competed at the world championships twice, once in 2006 and once in 2007.

But here is the coolest part of it all. If you do well at these tournaments you can win amazing prize awards to go along with the fun you have and cool people you meet. If you want to learn more go check out the website, learn about local leagues and tournaments, and get started!

www.Pokemon.com is a good place to get started looking for these things, and once you get more into the game you can learn about what cards are being played and what you can expect at these tournaments. To do that I would suggest this website


Thanks for reading, I hope you guys can get involved in this game and love it as much as I do.