Turn PokeDream Forums into a hugely popular community where the coolest Pokemon fans hang out.

That is not the case today. We all know the current situation. Compared to a few other well-known Pokemon forums, we're nothing; we don't even register on their radars. We have interesting discussions, but they're mostly not about Pokemon. People join, but don't stay. That's all going to change.

In the upcoming months, we're gonna turn the Forums into a cooler place. It's already cool, but we're gonna make it way cooler (http://goo.gl/CCjwL). Two things need to exist, neither of which can exist without the other:

1. More active members
A high quality community cannot exist without people. We currently have great people (all of you guys), but we need much, much more of them. We need more people to join. Not only do we need people to join, we need them to stay. For good. We need these members to generate interesting discussions.

2. More interesting discussions
While we already have interesting discussions today, they are mostly not about Pokemon. PokeDream is a Pokemon site. PokeDream Forums is first and foremost a Pokemon discussion board. If the large majority of the discussion is not about Pokemon, then we've failed. We need interesting Pokemon discussions to keep our members coming back.

This is sort of a chicken and egg problem (http://goo.gl/p6XdX). But, we don't have to think of it that way. These two things are bound together in a tight feedback loop. More active members will start more interesting discussions, which will in turn attract more active members, etc. The solution is very clear: we need to attract more active members and get more interesting discussions.

Game Plan
What are we gonna do specifically? The plan is very straightforward.

To attract more active members, we're gonna promote the Forums heavily. The main PokeDream website is much more popular than the Forums and, up till now, we haven't really taken advantage of that fact. Currently, the Forums feels like a separate entity from the main site. So, we have to integrate Forums components much better into the main site, so that a visit to PokeDream doesn't feel complete without also visiting PokeDream Forums. Essentially, there needs to be much more references to PokeDream Forums from the main site.

To get more interesting discussions, we perhaps need to rework the structure of the forums under Pokemon Discussion. Are all of those forums necessary? Should we combine a few of the less popular ones? Should we split up the more popular ones? This exact course of action on this one is up for debate.

By January 1st, 2011, I'd like for the Forums to accomplish the following:

200 Active Members
The definition of an active member is a member who's logged on in the past 15 days. As of now, we have 70 active members.

10+% Posts Under Pokemon Discussion
Currently, only 7% of posts are under Pokemon Discussion.

Operation Renaissance starts NOW. Let's use this thread to brainstorm ideas. Together, we're gonna turn PokeDream Forums into something huge.