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In my personal opinion, the main site has a lot of holes in it, and I mean a LOT. Not everything is being kept up with, and there aren't people active enough to watch the site and update everything every second, like Serebii. If we could form a team that would be willing and able to update the site in a constant manner, we could pick the main site up, and the Forums along with it.

For example, in the games section, all that's listed are the main RPGs and a few of the other games. I don't see any of the Pokemon Ranger games, none of the Mystery Dungeon games are listed, and the second Pokemon Pinball game isn't listed. Consistency is what's missing, which is what makes sites like Serebii and Bulbapedia way more popular. Movesets for 5th Gen Pokemon haven't even been added yet; it kind of makes having a 5th Gen section in the Poke Rep pointless, other than to see sprites or names. It just looks half assed.

As far as improving the Forums, as much as I hate to say it, if rules were enforced more, then the forums would be a more pleasant place for newer members to post. As it is now, most members that have just joined are usually ignored when they ask a question, or are given a smart remark because the question seems stupid. I guess what I'm getting at is making the forum more new-user friendly. Make sure we encourage members to post in the introduction section and welcome them. Keep the actual Pokemon discussion active so that it's easier for newer members to jump in. If anything, the forums need to be correctly separated. For example:

Main Site/Forums Discussion
-Site Discussion
-Forums Discussion

sub: Anime
sub: TCG
sub: Art
sub: RP
-Competitive Workshop/Battle Tower(?)


Just a thought.
This is absolutely true. Of course the main site has a lot of holes in it. I haven't been able to spend enough time working on it. I realize that. And I will try my best to make up for it.

Moving forward, PokeDream will not try to be all-inclusive in terms of content. We can't do everything. We simply do not have the resources. I'm just one guy. And, there's no way I can trust anyone else right now to update the site (besides news). Instead, we'll be focusing our efforts on doing a few things really, really well: PokeRep and walkthroughs for major Pokemon games.

That said, the Forums is still really behind the main site in terms of popularity. The main site can definitely go a long way in helping the Forums.

I agree we need to be more welcoming to new members. Encouraging them to post in the intro forum is a good start.