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Thread: Top Gear America is BALLS

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    Default Top Gear America is BALLS

    What the fuck was that shit. The three presenters have no personality whatsoever, they're obviously reading from scripts and have no chemistry at all. It's like watching three random reality TV hosts. Every time they copied one of Clarkson's lines I cringed because it was just so pitifully done. And my god, three Lambos couldn't beat a fucking Viper ACR on a twisty track? What bullshit American propaganda is that? This isn't Forza Motorsport 3, the ACR is not that overpowered.

    This is a bastardization of one of my favorite shows. I'm against it in principle, but if they did a good job, like they actually tried, then it'd be acceptable. However it's Americanized in the worst way. It's mass produced, repackaged, watered down, tasteless, cheap, low quality piss, just like our beer. And why the fuck on the History Channel? I remember when they had stuff about, oh I don't know, actual fucking history.
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    i know this died months ago but the US version of Shameless made me feel the same way, i almost puked


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    who didn't see this coming? top gear og is the best

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