We have a brand new layout! It's been over two years since we had our last facelift. Browsing the site should be a much more pleasant experience. All the major sections are laid out at the top of the page, giving you quick access to the pages you care most about. For instance, to get to Pikachu's Pokedex entry from here, just click "Pokedex" at the top of the page, type "pikachu" (or just "25" if you know Pikachu's number, because you're awesome) into the search box, and click "Find Pokemon" (or just hit the return button because you're cool). Additionally, I spent quite a bit of time optimizing page load times, so jumping from page to page should feel zippier.

Oh, there is one more thing: From today on, we'll be officially known as PokeDream, instead of Pokemon Dream as before. It's one syllable shorter, and therefore faster to type and pronounce, matches exactly with our domain name, and is a name most visitors call us by anyway.

Hope you guys enjoy the changes. Change is good.

Happy Thanksgiving!